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Why a Clean Healthy Face is the Best Acne Treatment for Men

Grace Michaeli

Though acne is associated with those embarrassing high school years, you might actually carry them longer than you’ve bargained for. Red, bumpy, itchy and rough, acne can be a real nuisance both medically and aesthetically. But just because your skin is more prone to oil buildup, it doesn’t mean that you have to live with it. There are several remedies and methods to prevent this condition, so what is the best acne treatment for men?


What is the best acne treatment for men


What is Acne? Know your Enemy 

Before we talk about acne treatment for men, it’s a good idea knowing what causes it. Acne occurs when your hair follicles get clogged by oil and dead skin cells. While it’s true that hormonal changes play a big part in triggering it, there’s also a genetic component. Furthermore, despite social misconceptions, anyone can suffer from acne, at any age. 


However, men tend to have more severe cases of acne, and as a result, experience more facial scarring. There are several reasons why this happens. First, according to different studies, men sweat more than women, since they have denser sweat glands. Sweat is notoriously known as one of the main reasons for pimples and blackheads as it mixes with the bacteria on your skin, clogging your pores even further. 


Acne treatment for men
Sweat is one of the main reasons for pimples and blackheads


The second reason men have more breakouts has to do with shaving. While shaving does not cause acne, ingrown hairs, cuts, scrapes and rashes make things only worse. Irritated skin might onset a bad case of acne, and then, the issue might not be just aesthetically displeasing – you might experience an intense itch. 


Last but not least, there is also a psychologic aspect to it. Stress and a hectic lifestyle increase level of the androgen hormone, and therefore, causes your skin to overproduce sebum. Though your skin requires sebum for natural lubrication, too much of it causes sebum plugs, such as white heads, black heads, Keratin plugs and other skin impurities. Which is just another name for acne. 


So, with so many causes, what can you do about it? 


Get a Clean Break

Before you even consider any kind of acne treatment for men, the number 1 tip for preventing acne is making sure your face is clean. For instance, when you’re wiping that sweat off your face in the gym, assuming that you don’t change the towel with every wipe, you are actually repeatedly wiping the dirt with a fabric festering with bacteria. The same goes for your pillowcase. It is recommended that you change your pillowcase as often as twice a week, and even more if possible. In fact, anything that touches you face, be it your hands or your shaving equipment, should be spotless and cleaned often. 


Make sure your face is alway clean


And speaking of cleanliness, you should wash your face twice a day with lukewarm water. Do not use any harsh chemicals or soaps, you might think you’re getting a deeper cleanse, but what you’re really doing is hurting your already inflamed skin. Make sure not to scrub your face during the rinse or after as you dry your face. 


It should be mentioned, though, that while keeping a clean face is key, there is such a thing as too clean. According to different studies over-washing your face might hinder the essential oils that your skin actually needs, leaving your skin dry and aggravating your acne. Remember, you want your face clean, not scrubbed. 


Best Acne Treatment for Men – Routine that Never Fails

Now that you’re maintaining a certain facial hygiene, it’s time to take the next crucial step: moisturize. Though this might seem counterintuitive, as acne is often linked to oily skin, after you’ve rinsed your face, moisturizer helps trap the water in your skin, leaving your skin well-balanced and fresh. In fact, applying the proper product to your skin after a good rinse, can make all the difference. Particle was designed especially for men’s skin, it moisturizes and repairs any skin impurities. But more importantly to men suffering from acne, it offers the moisturization that your skin craves and even soothes shaving-related skin irritation. 


In short, picking up a skincare routine, might just be the trick to resolving your skin issues. Adopting a proper hygiene and being aware to the items that come in contact with your face, combined with a steady and suitable skincare routine, are the best way to go when it comes to acne. 

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