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3 Ways Men Can Diminish and Remove Blackheads

Grace Michaeli

We all know them, we’ve all had them, we’ve all peered into the mirror staring at them, and perhaps even fought the urge to squeeze them out, but no matter what we do, they just seem to relentlessly come back. Though you may be familiar with the phenomenon, you may not know what causes it and therefore, how to prevent and treat these nuisances, otherwise known as blackheads.  In other words, what’s the secret behind blackhead removal?


Unlike whiteheads that are closed within the pore, blackheads are open pores that absorb dirt, dead skin cells and excess sebum (oil) on our skin. This basically means that your facial pores are clogged. However, it’s a misconception to assume this means that your skin is dirty, in fact, blackheads are just one of the many forms of acne and have more to do with genetics, levels of skin oiliness and your skincare routine. In other words, they are completely treatable. 


But hold on before you rush off to scrub them out, treating blackheads the wrong way can lead to scarring, skin irritation and even inflammations – all of which are bad for both your skin health and complexion. So what CAN you do? here are a couple of useful Do’s for blackhead removal once and and for good. 


Treating blackheads the wrong way can lead to scarring



Breaking Bad (Habits and Blackheads)

Our facial skin can tell a lot about our habits (both good and bad), but smoking and alcohol are probably two of the worst out there for your skin health. The particles in cigarette smoke cling on to your skin and obviously have a negative impact on your sensitive pores. Alcohol, on the other hand, is diuretic and dehydrates your skin which may either increase the oiliness of your skin or dry it. Either way, your skin is bound to be damaged and blackhead removal is necessary.


You should also consider altering your diet; sugary and high-carb foods are on the top of the list of things to avoid. Add to your diet foods that increase good bacteria, such as probiotics (yogurts and vegetables), vitamin A and C foods (greens and citruses) and high-fiber foods (berries and vegetables). Some people should also avoid dairy and fried foods, but it really depends on your skin type. 


Smoking is the worst out there for your skin health


Start with a Clean Slate

While it’s true that blackheads aren’t caused by dirty skin, it sure doesn’t help prevent them. Cleansing your skin is the first step to upholding a hygienic skincare routine. Start with washing your face on a regular basis, at least once in the morning to rinse off nightly oil buildup, and once before you go to sleep. It is also important that you wash your face after eating oily foods or after sweating. Furthermore, studies recommend that you include washing your hair into your skincare routine. The oiliness of your scalp may seep to your facial skin and induce production of sebum. 


Cleanliness should also apply to any item that comes into contact with your face, be it your pillowcase, towel or even your fingers – bacteria can fester anywhere and spreads pretty easily. Remember, since your facial skin is exposed more than other parts, it is more sensitive and therefore susceptible to dirt, leading to skin impurities and breakouts. Furthermore, choose the right shaving equipment that would least irritate your skin while maintaining its cleanliness. 


How does blackhead removal work?
Cleansing your skin is the first step



The Part(icle) You’ve Been Missing  for blackheads removal

The number 1 tip researches give is avoiding strips and home remedies – blackhead removal is no laughing matter. They require a proper and well-adjusted facial treatment, one that would suit your skin and give it the moisture and replenishment it needs. After you’ve balanced your diet and started rinsing your face regularly, now it’s time to pick up a good face cream that would maintain all your hard work. 

The ideal face cream would firm up your skin, remove any excess dead skin cells that might be clogging your pores and protect your face from any impurities. Particle for men was designed to do just that. Taking into account the fact that men’s skin tends to be tougher and oiler, the face cream nourishes and hydrates the skin. Remember – the happier your skin, the less is it likely to develop breakouts. 


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