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Deal with acne between your eyebrows

What Causes Acne Between Your Eyebrows?

Grace Michaeli

While it’s true that we still haven’t uncovered the fountain of youth, there are still some skin-related issues that we can help you solve. If you’re suffering from one form of acne between your eyebrows or from another, you’d probably be happy to know that  40% to 54% of adults over the age of 25, suffer from some degree of acne – so you’re definitely not alone in this. In fact, acne affects 40 to 50 million individuals in the states. 


But different types of acne can indicate different things. So, what is your acne trying to tell you? Or in other words, can a certain type of acne (specifically located between your eyebrows) point at a specific issue? And if so, what can you do about it? 


Acne talking to you
What is your acne telling you?


The Five Zones of the Face

According to Eastern culture, breakouts can generally be mapped in one of your five facial zones; under your hairline, above your eyebrows, between your eyebrows, your cheeks and nose, and on your chin. Outbreaks on one of these different zones can point at a health issue or perhaps wrong skincare habits. For instance, a breakout above your brows can point at an immune system deficiency, however, acne between your eyebrows may indicate having an unhealthy diet, or perhaps even a food allergy. 


Western medicine, seems to agree with these causes; greasy foods, alcohol and night splurges are just some of the culprits. Considered as your T-zone, this particular area produces more sebum, and is therefore oilier and prone to breakouts. Just imagine what happens when you eat unhealthy foods and clog your pores even further. Some of the foods to avoid are; dairy, fast foods, chocolate, and more. 


By the Hair of Your Brows 

There are in fact other causes for eyebrow-zone acne. It turns out that having impressively bushy eyebrows comes with a price; since the area is rich with hair follicles, which produce sebum, it is even more likely to suffer from breakouts. The sebum traps dead skin cells and other bacteria, irritating the skin and resulting in anything from whiteheads, blackheads, to nodules and even cysts. 


Furthermore, ingrown hairs are also a very viable possibility; especially if you pluck around your brows. These hairs can irritate your skin, and cause redness, small bumps or even an infection. Such skin irritations (which you may be familiar with from shaving), lead to acne inflammations and may even worsen existing breakouts. 


So, assuming that you have no plans of shaving your eyebrows off, or changing your diet and entire lifestyle – what can you do about these breakouts? Are they even treatable, considering the area’s oiliness? 


Busy brows - acne between eyebrows
Having impressively bushy eyebrows comes with a price


Treatable? Of Course! 

The best advice we can give you is to make sure that particular area is as clean and well-treated as possible. What does that exactly mean? 


Well, popping those zits and impurities is definitely out of the question and would only make things worse. Instead, you should cool the area down and sooth the breakouts. Then, you should make sure to rinse your face twice a day and lightly dry the area with a clean and fresh towel. It’s important that you stick to these simple guidelines, since removing the excess oil in the area is the first and crucial step to treating that type of acne. Once you’ve ensured that the area between your eyebrows and thoroughly cleansed, you should apply cream that would replenish and nourish skin. Preferable, a cream that takes into account men’s skin needs. 


This is a fairly simple routine to follow, one that would be the beginning of a healthier and hopefully acne-free facial skin. Imagine no more redness, irritation, itchiness and the embarrassing prospect of having to hide those annoying pests that have made their way between your brows. Simple, right? 


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