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The Science of Face Mask

The Real Science Behind Particle Face Mask

Grace Michaeli

Face masks have enjoyed a reputation of indulgence and relaxation, but sadly, their importance to your skincare routine as well as their health merits have been covered up (pun intended). And to make things worse, they have been considered as effeminate and mostly associated with women’s skincare regimen. But truth be told, a face mask is more than just a passing fad – it is a complementary treatment that every person who is striving for a useful skincare routine should adopt.


However, as skincare usually goes, face masks work best when they perfectly match the skin type of the person applying them. Since men and women have such different skin and therefore skincare needs, it is only fitting that they have suitable face masks.


So, what goes into making a Particle Face Mask particularly for men? What makes it different from women’s masks? And more importantly, why should you consider incorporating it in your skincare routine. But first, let’s address the most basic question – what are actually face masks, and why do we use them? 


What are Face Masks and Do They Actually Work? 

Aside from the glossy, luxurious and spa-like feel that face masks can give, they are actually powerful treatments that offer a deep cleansing effect. Whether it is a boost of hydration that your skin requires or a thorough cleanse – a proper face mask could definitely be the treatment you need. It should be noted, nonetheless, that there are different types of face masks, based on different skincare techniques; gel masks, cream, exfoliation masks, sheets and finally, clay masks (which offer the deepest solution, and therefore are best for men). 


But why should face masks even work? Well, it’s pretty simple. High quality face masks offer a highly concentrated infusion of nourishing ingredients at a relatively short period of time. By providing such a burst of nutrients and therapeutic effects, much necessary to the skin, a face mask can take you a long way. Even more so, an exquisite formula can do anything from reduce inflammation, hydrate dry patches, smooth skin blemishes and existing scars, and so much more. So, what can Particle’s Face Mask do for you – and how does it work? 


Why Face Mask?
By providing such a burst of nutrients, a face mask can take you a long way


The Particle Way – Face Mask Science

Let’s start with the basics – our face mask is based on Bentonite Clay. This is a natural substance that has a very soft texture, but a forceful impact. This clay is known to absorb oils and bacteria and is therefore, very effective specifically for men’s skin which tends to overproduce sebum. As it contains a wide array of nutrients, this clay has many other benefits. It can treat different types of acne, detoxify the skin, treat different irritations and rashes as well as offer protection from UV rays. The other important thing you should know about this ingredient is that it is also effective for preventing breakouts and blemishes, not only treating existing ones. 


Bentonite Clay
Bentonite Clay is a natural substance that has a soft texture, but a forceful impact


Charcoal Powder – Everything The Skin Needs

Once the mineral-rich foundation is laid out for the active mask, it’s time to add all the other ingredients that complete the magic. We use charcoal powder to draw out even more bacteria and dirt, basically, everything that clay had possibly missed. As appropriate for any skin product that aims to reduce irritation and inflammation, Particle’s face mask has aloe vera, famous for its soothing and hydrating effects. Hydration is also achieved through the use of panthenol, which is basically a substance produced from vitamin B-5. Last but not least, we mix in kaolin clay, a natural ingredient that exfoliates, soothes and tones the skin.   


Why charcoal powder?
We use charcoal powder to draw out even more bacteria and dirt


This mixture, which has been carefully constructed by our leading experts, can take your skincare to the next level by providing an overall treatment. Furthemore, as it contains Dead Sea minerals, the mask strengthens and tightens your facial skin tissue. The use is also fairly simple – since the solution is so intense and thorough, it should be used only once a week (in addition to your daily face cream treatment). By adding this supplement to your routine, you’ll also be able to fight signs of aging and other skin issues more effectively and deeply. So, it’s time to face your skin and take all the healthy science in. 

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