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7 Main differences between men’s and women’s skin

Grace Michaeli

As far as facial skin care goes, the majority of products target and are designed for women. Sure, you could occasionally enjoy your wife’s anti-aging serum, but why should you when there are products that were in fact created especially for men?


You may not know this, but men and women have very different skin, both on the biological level as well as their daily habits. If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, shouldn’t each have their own skin care products?


Here’s all you need to know about the differences between men’s and women’s skin:



Generally speaking, men have broader facial surfaces. Men’s skin, more specifically their epidermis layer, is roughly 20% thicker than women’s (which is BTW the reason women get colder faster). This means that men’s wrinkles are less pronounced than women’s, yet those that do wiggle their way in, are deep and require a treatment that applies to deep skin layers.



Thicker skin AND bigger pores and glands. Since men have more sebaceous glands and higher levels of testosterone, their glands produce more sebum. In other words, male skin is usually oilier. This also means that men are more likely to have acne and other such impurities.



The more the better! Men actually have a higher collagen density than women. Collagen is what gives the skin strength and elasticity – the denser the collagen stores, the younger does your skin look. Which is why men often look younger.



Men not only have fewer wrinkles than women, their wrinkles tend to appear in older age and focus in different areas. While men usually wrinkle around the eyes and forehead, the majority of women’s wrinkles surround their mouths. Why? According to a study focusing on these differences, the answer is simple; men have beards.



Though the entire human body is covered with hair, men’s facial hair is coarser and darker. Unless you get a professional shave on a regular basis, your facial skin is bound to become much more sensitive. Daily shaving can include anything from a “razor rash” to simple nicks and cuts, eventually roughening your skin and impacting its texture.


All that makeup

Here’s another difference in facial routine habits – while men lather, comb and shave, women commonly wear makeup. This means that skin care products for women, often consider the specific damage that makeup may cause. Furthermore, they often aim at hydrating the skin, which is unnecessary for male skin considering its oiliness.



It’s all about awareness. Men simply aren’t as aware to the importance of proper skin care. As a result, they are less prone to invest time in their facial treatment routine. Even though, it is of the essence that they do.


That is where products such as Particle come in. With a formula that was designed to address men’s particular needs, such as soothing the skin after a shave and reduce wrinkles. Including ingredients that were carefully engineered to suit the male skin. Because we should all feel comfortable in our skin.


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