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Meet the natural ingredients your skin needs

The Natural Ingredients Your Skin Needs 

Grace Michaeli

Like every other organ in your body, your skin needs nourishment and the right conditions to stay healthy. However, it goes without saying, that if possible, natural solutions are almost always the way to go. But is every organic remedy effective? Better yet, does every natural solution work in your skin’s favor? The answer is a definitive ‘no’. While the anti-aging market currently offers aggressive, invasive and occasionally toxic or dangerous options, more advanced products have found a way to refine the advantages of positive natural ingredients and create smart skincare solutions. If used wisely, these ingredients will not only nurture your skin, they will offer the exact replenishment it requires. 


So, what are these magical ingredients, you may wonder. We’ve gathered here a brief list of the most prominent ones, those you should look for when you browse through that men’s cream shelf. If you’ve found several of them in one product, you’ve got yourself a winner. 


Shea Butter 

Who knew Shea Butter was in fact extracted from a nut? The oily substance is a very popular ingredient in many moisturizers, and for a good reason; it’s nutrients have an anti-inflammatory impact on the screen. Actually, it’s also known for having anti-aging qualities. If the ingredients list on the product you choose has ‘shea butter’ you know you’re in good hands. 


Pro tip: Mix a bit of pure shea butter with pure honey to create a replenishing DIY mask – it’s great in case your chin and cheeks are inflamed after a shave. 


Shea butter
Anti-inflammatory impact on the screen


Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil can be used for more than just cooking. The oil, which can easily be melted when heated, is rich in medium-chain fatty acids making it on the one hand perfect for reducing inflammation and on the other an effective remedy for eliminating harmful microorganisms. The most important thing you should know, however, is that it soothes the skin like a charm. 


Pro tip: Since the oil has antibacterial properties, if you’re looking to treat a cheeky whitehead, rub some warm coconut oil on it. 


some natural ingredients
Perfect for reducing inflammation


Sea Salt

We’re by no means speaking about same table salt you use to season your food. Proper sea salt can decrease skin dryness, inflammation, balance PH levels and ever assist in treating eczemas and acnes. A study has even shown that people who have regularly bathed in Dead Sea salt water have seen a significant decrease in skin roughness within a short time. 


Pro tip: Draw yourself a warm sea salt bath by adding 1 cup of high-quality sea salt.


Sea salt
Decrease in skin roughness



Jojoba Oil

This oil and its healing qualities have been around for centuries. Despite being able to thrive in harsh desert climates, the plant’s oil is gentle. The oil has numerous uses as it is moisturizing, antibacterial, an antioxidant, noncomedogenic, hypoallergenic, and so much more. And if that’s not enough, studies have shown that jojoba oil can help treat acne, sunburns, wound and other skin blemishes. 


Pro tip: You can use jojoba oil as a replacement for lip balm in case of dryness. 


Jojoba oil can help treat acne



Aside from being extremely delicious, avocado is absolutely rich with nutrients – that are healthy for more just your skin. The potassium and vitamin E of the avocado are wonderful for nourishing and encouraging the skin’s renewal. It can help treat anything from psoriasis to acne, scalp health and even accelerates wound healing. 


Pro tip: Just add avocado to anything possible! Your skin, your hair and your salad. 


Nourishing and encouraging the skin’s renewal


Aloe Vera 

You must have heard of the miraculous qualities of this natural ingredient. This plant is frequently used for treating burns, sunburns, cuts and scrapes. What you may not have known, is that aloe vera is also very useful inflammatory acne, eczema, cold sores and other skin issues. 


Pro tip: If you’re suffering from puffy eyes, make sure to keep some aloe leaves in your fridge and lightly press them under your eyes.  It’s one of the most important natural ingredients you can have.


Alo vera
Used for treating burns, sunburns, cuts and scrapes
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