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These are the Habits Causing Your Skin Breakout

Grace Michaeli

We all have these tiny irritating habits, or perhaps pet peeves we see other people doing;  cracking knuckles, biting nails or grinding your teeth. While we can’t help but do them, some of them might be harmful in the long run. The same goes when it comes to your skin and the habits that might be causing your skin to breakout. 


Though it’s true that certain skin types are more inclined to different skin blemishes (and at least 85% of people between the ages 12 and 24 will experience acne to some degree), there are some habits you could break to help your skin. 


Skin Breakout? Out of Reach Out of Sight 

You may not know this, but every time you touch your face with unclean hands or items (such as wiping sweat with a towel), you in fact transmit bacteria to your skin. Just think what happens when you try popping or squeezing out those blackheads and zits. You are not only risking the chance of pushing some of the bacteria even deeper into your skin, you are creating an open wound on your already possibly inflamed face. Furthermore, you might be doing more harm than good and potentially scarring your face. 


Skin breakouts can be tempting to touch or remove, but the best way to treat them is in fact by cleaning your face. If your facial skin is irritated or itching, it’s often better that you cool your face using a clean wet towel or applying a moisturizer following a proper rinse. Which brings us to our next harmful skin habit – poor hygiene. 


skin breakout
Cool your face using a clean wet towel or applying a moisturizer


Clean Makes Perfect

This goes without saying – being clean is better. But how does poor hygiene affect your skin breakouts? According to studies oil and bacteria buildup are one of the main causes for blemishes and acne. This also applies to sweat accumulated throughout the day. On the other hand, constantly washing your face or repeatedly wiping the sweat off, isn’t good either (as it might dry and irritate the skin) – balance is usually the key. 


Here are some essential thumb rules for healthy facial skin cleanliness; 

  • Do not wash your face more than twice a day. 
  • Do not rub your sweat off during a workout – wash and wipe once your done. 
  • Do not scrub your face with a towel or harsh and chemical soaps. 
  • Do not sleep with the same pillowcase for more than a week (accumulated bacteria)
  • Do not wash your face with hot water – lukewarm is always best. 


Lukewarm is always best


Break Out the Skincare Solution 

So what should you do instead? Once you’ve broken all those unhealthy habits, it’s time to start some new ones. The most important of which is to start using a suitable and beneficial skin cream. Neglecting to do so might just be the one main reason your skin has breakouts. 

A quality skincare solution, designed for men – such as Particle, can do a number of things for your skin; it can soothe irritations (caused by shaving or heat), it can cleanse the skin from dirt and oil excess, it can nourish and protect the skin – and when used routinely, can help prevent skin breakouts altogether. So, out with old habits and in with the new facial skincare! 


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