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Facial Skin in the Summer

Summer is Coming – How to Protect Your Facial Skin 

Grace Michaeli

Imagine the following scenario – a white soft beach with silky sand, a soothing clear-blue sea, its warm waves lightly brushing the tip of your toes, a palm tree to your right and a refreshing cocktail to your left. Let’s face it – who doesn’t like to get a good base tan in the summer sun? But with the promise of catching those pleasant rays, also come the dangers to your skin, especially your facial skin.


Aside from the known health risks of direct contact with UV rays, which include severe skin diseases and burns, overexposure to the sun can have harmful effects on many other aspects. For instance, did you know that you could suffer from sunburned eyes? The duration of the exposure determines whether the impact would be temporary or permanent. Another concern might be suffering from a heat stroke or exhaustion, both of which are serious and extremely dangerous. But if those still haven’t convinced you, perhaps knowing that prolonged exposure to UV rays has a direct impact on the appearance and premature development of wrinkles and aging. That’s right, that bronze tan you’ve been dreaming of, might be the cause you have crow’s feet around your eyes. 


But don’t freak out just yet. It’s true that the best solution is to skip tanning altogether, however, there are a few things that you can do in order to protect your skin, without having to give up on that Carribean vacation. We’ve prepared here a short list of tips so you can have your moment in the sun! 


Protect your facial skin
Protect your skin, without having to give up on that Carribean vacation


  1. Timing is Key 

When you do go out, limit and pre-schedule your time in the sun. Choose the hours in which the sun’s rays aren’t at their strongest. That is, avoid tanning and direct exposure between noon and 4 PM. These hours might slightly differ according to season and the country you’re in – but this is perhaps one of the most effective ways to protect your skin. 


  1. Cover Up 

Try, as much as you can, to cover up your body. Now this specific tip refers to using a hat, sunglasses and darker clothes (even long sleeves if possible). The hat and sunglasses can obviously assist you in preventing the conditions mentioned previously (dehydration, exhaustion and sunburned eyes), but they are also very effective when it comes to your facial skin. The skin surrounding the eyes is delicate, and therefore, prone to wrinkle faster. Sunglasses can without a doubt, help you with that. A hat has the same effect, but its protection also extends to other facial areas. 


Sunglasses and hat
Hat and sunglasses help preventing dehydration, exhaustion and sunburned eyes


  1. No Such Thing as Too Much 

Sunscreen! This tip might seem redundant, but perhaps you’d be surprised if we were to tell you that sunscreen should be a routine product to use on a daily basis. The recommended type is 30 SPF, but truth be told, the higher the SPF, the better. Also, make sure you take the product with you, as its protection usually wears off between two to three hours after you’ve applied. Re-apply frequently – better safe than sorry. 


High SPF is great!
The higher the SPF, the better!


  1. Water Power Up! 

One of the main concerns with sun overexposure is dehydration. Flaky, dry and pale skin is definitely not what you’re looking for. Sadly, the sun can have that effect on your skin. Make sure to dehydrate in two crucial ways; 1. drink at least 8 cups of water a day, 2. Use a dehydrating face wash or cream that would capture the moisture under your pores. By keeping your skin nourished and hydrated you can avoid fine wrinkles and maintain your skin’s youthfulness. 


  1. Make Smart Choices 

It all comes down to the lifestyle and a wide array of choices that we make. These apply during any season, but are most important in the summer, when our skin is at its most sensitive and often exposed to harmful factors; more sun, more dust, more reasons to leave the house = more dangers to your skin. All the measures in the previous tips should be supported by a healthy diet, one that is rich with antioxidants and liquids, proper sleeping hours, and of course, a healthy skincare routine, one that would take into consideration that your skin needs that extra boost. 


Care for Your Facial Skin – Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

Though the summer is perhaps one of the most beloved seasons, holding the promise of dreamy days on the beach and other fun outdoor activities, it is also one in which your skin needs the most care and protection. That being said, a daily skincare treatment, one that stretches over every season, would build your skin’s ability to withstand any weather changes. So lather up, be generous with your skin products, and prepare for yet another steamy summer. 

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