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3 Ways to Care for Your Skin During the Winter 

Grace Michaeli

With the fall behind us and the winter ahead, it’s time to prepare your skin. Though the sun definitely poses the greatest danger to our skin, harsh cold weather can be just as harmful. Plus, constantly moving from heated indoor spaces to the frost outside, can take a toll on your skin. You might experience anything from dry hands and flaky lips through breakouts to itchiness and flame-ups. Luckily, there are quite a number of things you can do about it. We gathered the three main things that would help your skin during the winter. 


Constant Hydration

The often changes in temperature and exposure of the skin to the cold wind outside may irritate your skin to the extent of dryness and dehydration. But it’s not just the exterior circumstances that lead to these conditions; coffee and tea, that contain caffeine, are some of the key culprits. As we increase our daily intake of these beverages during the cold months of winter, so do we increase diuretic substances coursing through our body.


So, what can we do differently? Well, assuming that you cannot avoid hot drinks, you need to choose wisely which liquids you do drink. Alcohol is also one of those drinks you should definitely limit. Instead, up your water intake, hydrating you and your skin. You may already know that 8 glasses of water are crucial to any skincare routine, but it’s important to remember between those cappuccinos and green teas. 


skin during the winter
Coffee and tea increase diuretic substances coursing through our body


Change it Up – Moisturize

Lacking humidity and hydration are not the only causes for chapped skin. The winter is the right time to change up your skincare routine, and in case you don’t have one, to pick one up. Moisturizing might make all the difference when it comes to having a healthy complexion. 


Applying a solution right after a warm shower, or a lukewarm facial rinse, would lock the moisture in. Seeing as men’s skin is different than women’s, it would require an appropriate moisturizer, that suit men’s skincare needs. Particle, for instance, is one of those solutions, designed especially to moisturize and nourish men’s skin. You do not want your skin to overdry (which may even lead to severe skin conditions) and moisturizer is the safest way to go. 


The winter is the right time to change up your skincare routine


Prevention is the Best Protection

Other than keeping hydrated and maintaining a skincare routine rich with moisture, there are several other methods to prevent cold weather damages to your skin. For instance, covering your skin, is one of the ways to go. Sure, in winter layers are a necessity, but for more reasons than simply fighting the cold. A proper skin protection is important also against UV rays. All those skiers who wear sunglasses? do it for a reason. The glare coming off snow and ice might actually cause you serious burns. 


Another method of prevention, is using sunscreen. That’s right, wearing sunscreen in the winter is as important as in the summer. There are other things that you shouldn’t skip, such as using a lip balm. Contrary to what you may think, lip balms are not just for women; men should use them too if they want to prevent chapped and flaky lips (which can take the longest to heal). Last but not least, as you moisturize, don’t forget your hands, which are prone to dry more easily than other parts. Use a soft soap, hand lotion, gloves, anything you need to prevent cuts and nicks caused by the cold. 


So, when you make your list this Christmas, be sure to add a good moisturizer, a pair of mittens, hat and earmuffs – anything that would this winter even more merrier. 

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