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Skincare for the Bearded – Do’s and Don’ts 

Grace Michaeli

Beards have become one of the hottest trends in the past few years. And despite previous social misconceptions that linked facial hair to sloppiness and scruffiness, only true-at-heart bearded men know the time and effort that can go into grooming impressive facial hair. In fact, there’s a whole art to it; different types of goatees, ducktails, French forks, Mutton Chops and even your “regular” full beard – all require careful attention. 


But what about the skin under and around that perfectly coiffed beard? Your grooming routine should, without a doubt, include something extra – especially if you’re looking to maintain healthy facial hair and that stylish moustache. Here are some useful skincare do’s and don’ts for the devoutly bearded. 


Beating Around the Beard

If you’ve been blessed with a thicky and bushy beard, you might know how hard it is reaching the skin beneath that facial hair. As a result, your skin underneath might be dry, and dandruffs are also rather common. This may also cause irritation, red skin and a general inconvenience. 


Don’t: Scratch your beard, rub it or try to scrub off the dead skin. All these might irritate your skin further and induce the production of more oleic acid the would in turn make your skin every drier. 


Do: Thoroughly wash your beard and face twice a day to preserve natural moisture. Then, include a skincare solution that is appropriate for the particular needs of men’s skin. One that takes into consideration men’s tendency of having drier skin. 


Bearded man
Don’t scratch or rub your beard


Rub it Off not In

Of course, cleanliness is key when it comes to a well-groomed beard (and your facial skin for that matter). Since this seems to be such an obvious part of basic grooming, men tend to forget that there is a right and wrong way to rinsing your facial hair. What you may have not known is that cleaning and moisturizing your bearded face is one of the principal ways of inducing faster growth


Don’t: If you don’t have a specific and structured beard care routine, you’re probably just washing your beard with the same soap you use for your entire body – this is a big no no. Mostly because these soaps aren’t always suited for facial skin and hair. 


Do: Remember to use lukewarm water when rinsing your face and beard. Use appropriate solutions and soaps, and make sure to clean your beard after a large meal (no one enjoys beard crumbs) as well as after a workout. 


Not all soaps are suited for facial skin and hair



Beards come in all sizes, shapes and colors, for those of you who prefer shaping and trimming your moustache, sideburns and more, all healthy shaving tips apply. In other words, incorrect shaving could easily irritate your skin and lead to rashes, ingrown hair and possibly even scarring. 


Don’t: Use unsuitable shaving equipment, or otherwise, unclean instruments that can spread bacteria. Also, you probably shouldn’t shave without moisturizing your skin, especially if the tip regarding dry skin applies to you too. 


Do: Make sure to maintain the cleanliness of everything that comes into contact with your skin and beard. Be it your razor or towel – they should all be spotless. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, they are also certain shaving techniques that should be taken into consideration.  Furthermore, once you’re done shaving, make sure to thoroughly rinse your face and use a product that would soothe and nourish your skin pores. 


Everything that comes into contact with your skin and beard – should be clean


The Tip of the Beard

The most important thing you should take into account is that beard grooming and facial skincare go hand-in-hand. In fact, it is almost impossible for bearded men to boast an impressive beard without a properly nourished and healthy skin. Remember – a happy beard needs happy skin to thrive on. 


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