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7 Skincare Routine Tips That Men with Dry Skin Should Adopt

Grace Michaeli

Whether you’ve suffered from dry skin your entire life, or recently developed a condition that made your skin drier – you shouldn’t have to accept it. Men have thicker and drier skin than women, but surprisingly enough, men’s skin structure is more sensitive to ultraviolet radiation; making it more susceptive to sunlight, and therefore, more likely to result in dehydrated skin. 


But catching rays is not the only reason for dry skin. Of course your biology plays a big part in that, too. And so do your personal habits, such as smoking, unhealthy diet and lacking water intake. However, for some people, removing the cause might not be enough – your skin may require thorough rehabilitation and a steady skincare routine to prevent dry skin from reoccurring. We’ve gathered some useful tips to incorporate in your skincare routine:


Bathing and Rinsing

This might go without saying, but dehydrated skin – needs water. But neither dabbing your face with water, nor standing under the faucet in the shower will do the trick. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), there are some do’s and don’ts when applying water to your dry skin:


  • Avoid taking long showers. Long water exposure may reduce and remove natural skin oils that assist in balancing your complexion. 
  • Bring down the temperature. Like the previous rule, hot water is harmful for crucial skin oils. 
  •  After the shower or rinse, dry your face by gentle towel dabs to allow the skin to capture as much moisture.


Soften Before Shaving

There are several ways you can prepare your skin before shaving, but the easiest way would be shaving after the shower. And still, repetitive daily shaving, potential cuts and burns and irritation, lead to dry skin – all caused by wrong shaving. There are a couple of things you could do about it: 

  • Make sure you have the right conditions – clean and moist skin. 
  • Suitable equipment – having a quality razor and a proper shaving cream could be real game changers for your complexion. 
  • Post-shaving – never underestimate cooling your skin down after shaving. You could splash some cool water and dab your face with a soft towel. 


Dry skin? Prepare your skin before shaving


Consider Investing in a Humidifier 

According to a study conducted by Harvard Medical School during the winter, when humidity is low and epidermis water content decreases, a humidifier can do all the difference. The study recommends that you set your humidifier to 60%, which would be enough to hydrate and replenish your skin. 


Choose the Right Soap 

As you take your warm short shower (as recommended in tip 1) make sure to use a facial soap that’s appropriate for your condition. For instance, you should avoid any kinds of soaps with either strong chemicals, alcohol, artificial colors or scents. Also, notice whether your soap has a high level of pH, which is responsible for your acidity levels. Maintaining your skin pH is important for your overall skin health. People with alkaline pH levels have dry skin. Other than choosing the right soap (preferably a natural one), there are a few more things you could do to balance your pH levels: 


  • Change your diet into one that is rich with antioxidants. 
  • Drink and use clear and properly filtered water. 
  • Reduce your exposure to any chemicals (this might be evident); anything from smoking, consuming alcohol or being exposed to other substances. 


Make sure you use the right soap.



Use a Suitable Product

Of course, there are multiple types of products, moisturizers and creams that can hydrate your skin, but to fully replenish your skin, you would have to use a different product for different times of the day, or even match the solution to your eyes, lips, forehead and so on. However, there is a product that is suitable for all types of skin, and is designed especially for men; Particle. The solution is beneficial for your dry skin for multiple reasons: 


  • It contains Hyaluronic Acid, which is just what dry skin needs, as the acid maintains moisture. 
  • The solutions has high quality and natural ingredients, soothing any potential or existing skin irritation. 
  • It moisturizes and helps preventing and fixing any sun damages or blemishes, that may have either dehydrated your skin or made it tougher. 


Scratch Free Zone 

Other than having an impact on your appearance, dry skin can cause itchiness and therefore, a lot of discomfort. Generally, a good skincare solution can help and sooth the irritation, splashing cool water on the area, and even applying a cool pack if necessary. It is important however, that you never scratch or itch the affected area. Not only because it worsens the itchiness, but also because unclean hands might have chemical residue (such a dish soap, detergents, etc.). In fact, even when you apply your skincare solution, it is highly recommended that you first wash your hands, then your face. 


Change your Pillowcase Often 

It is highly recommended that you either switch or wash your pillow case at least once a week as it accumulates bacteria. Seeing as your face rubs against it on a nightly basis, it can cause anything from acne, to skin irritation and dry skin. And one more tip, choose sheets and pillowcases made of natural and breathable fabric, such as lightweight cotton. 


In conclusion, there are plenty of measures you could take to treat your dry skin. Of course, if all those don’t work you should consider seeing an expert. But in most cases, abstaining from external causes, such as sun exposure and wearing woolen and harsh fabrics, along with picking up a healthy and fitting skincare routine – can make all the difference. 

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