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How to treat nose pimples

 How to Get Rid of Nose Pimples in 4 Easy Steps

Grace Michaeli

Frustrated to find yet another white or blackhead? Fighting that urge to pop nose pimples? Constantly reminding yourself that squeezing those zits would lead to scarring? 


Yes, we all have that inexplicable need to pop and remove those pestering pimples. But what if there was a different way? Perhaps a way that would help you rid of zits and pimples even before they appear. For that purpose, we should first get rid of the pesky nuisances, and make sure to take a few steps that would also prevent their re-appearance. Good thing that we’ve prepared a quick 5-step user friendly guide for you. 


Name the Culprit

Or in other words, identify the type of outbreak that you’re dealing with. There are two types of nose acne; acne vulgaris and acne rosacea. The two are rather easy to confuse, since they have similar symptoms of blackheads, whiteheads and nose pimples, however, there is a way to tell the two apart. 


As its name indicates, acne rosacea is characterized by red and inflamed skin, and the nose might appear enlarged. It is also not really a type of acne. It’s more of a skin condition. Acne vulgaris, on the other hand, which is way more common, is caused by clogged pores and can in fact be immediately treated. 


Name the outbreak
What outbreak are you dealing with


Smother Nose Pimples with Love 

Or it other words, cool the area and ensure that the pimple is non-inflammatory. You can either use ice that you’ve placed in a clean towel (the cleanliness part is pretty crucial, since the pimples are in fact caused by bacteria). The trick is to lightly press the ice pack on the pimple for no less than five minutes. Just be careful not to squeeze and pop it. The goal here is to soothe the area and decrease swelling. 


Ice for Nose Pimples
Use ice to cool the are


Clear the Area 

Or in other words, make sure to maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene – especially when it comes to your skin (which is the biggest organ you have), let alone your facial skin. Since our face is exposed more than other bodily surfaces, and has delicate tissues, it requires special care. Here are some facial cleanliness tips that have been sitting right under your nose: 

  • Wash your face twice a day – use lukewarm water. 
  • When you dry your face use a clean cloth or towel – dab lightly, don’t rub. Pay special attention to your nose; it’s considered part of your T-zone, and therefore is oilier and more prone to breakouts
  • If and when you touch your face, always do it with clean hands, and clean instruments (shaving equipment included).  


Keep in clean
Make sure to maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene


Invest in Your Nose’s Future 

Or in other words, it’s time to start treating your facial skin with the skincare it deserves. The operative word here is prevention. Aside from maintaining a high level of hygiene, you should also start using a proper solution. Different studies suggest that men should start using anti-aging creams and other skincare remedies as early as the age of 30. 


How are anti-aging treatments related to nose pimples? well, the more nourished and well-treated your skin is, the healthier. Furthermore, the more you invest in your facial hygiene, you will significantly reduce the chances of suffering for breakouts. Remember, keeping your nose unblemished and impurity-free should be no skin off your nose. 


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