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You can Fight Signs of Aging

Five Ways to Help You Fight Signs of Aging

Grace Michaeli

Though we all age eventually, no one wants to look old. As young as you may feel in spirit, that skin of yours, won’t catch up unless you give it a push in the right direction. And truth be told, there are so many things that are both simple and can be easily incorporated in your daily routine. We’re not talking about completely changing your habits (since there are so many things that can have a negative impact on your skin), we’re talking about being aware of those harmful influences, while trying to pick up other useful practices. We’ve put together a list of useful ways to fight signs of aging, one little wrinkle at a time! 


Put Those Spots in their Spot

People might know them as age spots or liver spots, but regardless of what you may call them, they’re here to stay. These flat brown spots appear on areas which are naturally exposed to the sun, or in other words – your face and shoulders. They’re associated with aging because they are more common in people over 50. 


The best way to treat them (other than in chemical or surgical ways) is simply through prevention and increased awareness. It’s no secret that overexposure to the sun has many negative effects, but did you know that every time you tan, you are in fact accelerating the natural aging process of your skin? By limiting your time in the sun you are preventing a great number of skin-related conditions, but also brown age spots. 


prevention and increased awareness
The best treatment: prevention and awareness


Fight Signs of Aging from Within 

You don’t need us to know that some of your habits might be harmful to more than just the health and appearance of your skin. For instance, studies have suggested that increased alcohol intake has a direct connection to signs of aging. The same goes to a variety of beverages containing caffeine, as well as foods that are rich in sugar and fat. Though you don’t have to cut out all of these, it is highly recommended that you decrease the amounts that you consume, and instead pick up some new habits. 


One of the best things you can do for your skin, is simply drink more water. This may seem as an insignificant or even redundant advice, but it truly is a game-changer. Hydration is actually one of the first things you should consider for your skin. Other than that, incorporate as many greens, fibres and non-dairy based foods in your diet. 


Fight signs of aging through food
You don’t have to cut out, just decrease amounts


Smoothen Out Wrinkles 

When in doubt, take the preventative route. That is to say, adopting a skincare routine, will not only help smoothing out the existing wrinkles and skin blemishes you might have, but it will also assist you in preventing additional signs of aging while maintaining the results you have achieved. 


A steady routine that includes an appropriate skincare treatment (one that is neither invasive nor chemical) is definitely the way to go. The first signs of skin aging start to form as early as in your late twenties, which is why dermatologists recommend adopting a skincare routine at your early thirties, one that would help you fight those wrinkles of time. Particle’s face cream, for instance, is one of such treatments that are appropriate for any age and skin type and are fairly easy to incorporate in your day-to-day schedule. 


Dermatologists recommend adopting a skincare routine
Dermatologists recommend adopting a skincare routine


Go Even Deeper 

Every now and then, like any other beating mechanism, your skin needs to hit that reset button and begin anew. This is exactly why face masks were created – to provide a deep and thorough cleanse that would reset whatever skin blemish it is you are fighting (and yes, men SHOULD be using face masks). 


Some of the benefits that face masks have (aside from allowing you to finally see what you’d look like with cucumber slices on your eyes), is that they offer an intense skincare treatment that dermatologists find to be extremely effective. By reducing skin breakouts, such as blackheads and other forms of acne, as well as reducing the size of your pores, a strong face mask can indeed firm up your skin and take an active part in fighting saggy skin and crinkles. So, after a long and busy week you can allow yourself to kick back with a replenishing clay-based face cream


Why a face mask?
Face masks are there to provide a deep and thorough cleanse


Rinse, Rejuvenate and Repeat

Yes, we all know that washing our hands is crucial to our hygiene and general health, but how many times do you actually wash your face? And have you considered the benefits of maintaining proper facial hygiene? 


Though there are studies that suggest that rinsing your face too many times can be harmful for your face’s natural sebum production, twice a day is just the right number of times. It’s just enough to clean the bacteria you have accumulated throughout the day and not too much as to hinder your skin’s elasticity as well as the collagen levels. By removing dirt, dead skin cells and even dust residue, you are ensuring a healthy renewal and replacement of old skin cells with new ones. 


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