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So should men use a face mask

Should Men Use a Face Mask And Does It Work?

Grace Michaeli

Face masks are generally known as a product that mostly women use. But with the newfound revelation that, ‘hey, men have facial skin too,’ an increasing number of skincare products are gradually entering the market. In fact, men’s skincare sales have been increasing over the last couple of years. The reason for this is that more and more men realize that they should be taking care of their skin too. Should men use a face mask and why is it important you ask?


Well, the right kind of facial skincare routine (one that is suitable especially for men, as well as your skin type), can not only help you appear younger and fresher, but it can also help postpone and even treat certain skin health issues. For instance, proper treatment of your face can prevent liver spots, sun burns, reduce different types of acne, and even sooth a great number of inflammations and irritations.


So should men use face cream?
Proper treatment of your face is important


Face Masks – Do they Actually Work? 

The right face mask, one that is designed for your needs, could actually do wonders for you. According to leading dermatologists, “face masks can be an effective way to deliver an intensive burst of nourishing and therapeutic skincare ingredients in a highly concentrated form.” Since face masks are supposed to cover the face for a longer period of time, approximately fifteen minutes, the skin has enough time to absorb the healing nutrients. 


While it’s true that there are numerous kinds of face masks that can contain any ingredient and can target a specific skin concerns, the bottom line is that, when used properly, face masks can have a significant impact. A high-quality mask, that contains a well-thought skincare formula, can be the answer to a deeper and more thorough skincare routine, one that is complete with rinsing and a rich face cream, of course. 


The importance of face mask
A face mask could nourish the skin


Okay, But Why Should Men Use a Face Mask? 

If you’re still unconvinced as to why face masks are beneficial, we are here to tell you, that yes, men should use a face mask. Men and women have different skin, different habits, and should therefore, have different skincare products. For instance, due to repetitive and intense shaving, men may suffer from damage to the skin, scarring, burns and nicks. A face mask could nourish the skin in a way that would boost its elasticity and sooth any future or past injuries. 


But naturally, there are many other great reasons for you to use a face mask. Did you know, for example, that face masks promote a healthier blood circulation? As they assist in expanding blood vessels, they’re not only good for your health, they prevent uneven skin tones, inflammation and dark circles around your eyes. Thus, face masks play an important part in helping you look more youthful and rejuvenated. Also, for those of you battling acne, blackheads and other outbreaks, face masks are effective in removing dirt, oil and other impurities. By offering a deep cleanse, face masks can help ensure your pores will stay unclogged and remove dead excess skin cells and other bacteria. 


The Face Mask Men Should Use

Now that we’ve established that men do in fact need face masks, let’s consider what kind would be best. Ideally, your face mask would treat all the concerns mentioned above, but even more so, it should offer a deep cleanse and firm and tighten the skin. Furthemore, it should reduce visibility of enlarged pores and the appearance of blemishes and spots, or in other words, it should smooth out those wrinkles and help fight off premature aging. It should also be noted, that a quality mask would assist in drawing out impurities and skin dirt, providing you a thorough facial detox. 

Partical’s new face mask actually ticks all those boxes and thensome. A mask whose formula has been especially engineered for men and their particular skincare concerns. This is a clay-based mask, which makes it perfect for revitalizing the skin. The active ingredients here are Bentonite clay and Kaolin, both of which absorb oil and are therefore great for acne-prone skin. Moreover, Particle’s mask is enriched with Dead Sea Minerals, making this mask also effective in protecting your skin against environmental hazards and strengthening your facial skin tissue. 

In short, at face value you might think that face masks are either pointless or exclusive to women, but after facing the facts – having a good face mask is the next logical step if you’re looking to up your skincare game. 


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