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Why Skincare For Men Is Different Than Women

Michael Owen

Gender differences play a big role in how the skin reacts and how it should be treated to remain the most youthful. Luckily, dermatologists and scientists are uncovering ways to treat these differences to give both men and women the skincare results they need. When it comes to skincare for men, there are a few important factors that play a big part in treatment. Here’s the 411 on skincare for men.


Face Physiology
A man’s face is larger in surface area than a woman’s but it’s also a lot thicker too. Thanks to testosterone, a man’s epidermis is about a quarter thicker than a woman’s. All of that hormone secretion also means that a man’s skin is pretty durable, holding handsome in even the most rugged environments. When creating skincare for men, it’s imperative that the product target way down deep in the skin levels. A task that’s pretty tough to accomplish.


And if having thicker skin wasn’t different enough, men also have a thicker collagen density giving them an edge when it comes to treating wrinkles and fighting the aging process. Men also have increased oil production which leads to more acne than their female counterparts. Skincare for men must target this increase in oil production to keep skin looking clear and blemish free.


Why Men Are Bad At Skin Maintenance
Men are also notoriously bad at taking care of their skin. Though women begin to care for their skin in their early 20s, many men don’t even take notice of their skin until they’re in their mid-30s when years of sun damage has already set in. A part from forgetting the sunscreen, men also forget to moisturize their face after shaving or washing. Though exfoliation that comes from shaving is a great thing for skincare, dry skin can lead to cracking and wrinkling and help to speed up the aging process. All of that shaving can also lead to greater skin irritation.


A Simple Man
When it comes to skincare for men, the easier the process the better. Women tend to want to use a lot of different products in their daily beauty regimen. They like to research, try out and experiment with many different formulas to find the perfect one for their skin. Men, on the other hand, prefer skincare that is simple and doesn’t require a whole lot of fuss. They also seek out products that are fragrance- free and color-free. Skincare for men needs to be a one-stop-shop so men can quickly get back to their daily grind.


When it comes to a man’s skin, the best results come from a formula that is specifically made to handle their thick, rough exterior. That’s why Particle was created. It’s a skincare product to help a man get everything he needs to look refined and feel confidant.


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