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Why Skin Care for Men is Important

Michael Owen

It’s a known fact that men have long been neglected in the skin care department. Throughout the ages, men have been forced into using women’s skin care products which, ultimately, provided little to no results for various reasons – one, being that women’s skin care needs are far different from a man’s needs – and two, skincare for men requires a very different approach – one that doesn’t include floral scented products that sparkle.


For years, men just dealt with a basic bar of soap and water to take care of their face, and anti-aging skin care products were thought to be a women’s only affair. It wasn’t until the past decade – and within the last 5 years – that skincare for men has truly become a thing.


Men deserve to be included in the skincare realm  – and that’s a fact. Nobody wants to look old – and with proper preventative measures, skin care regimens, and products made to target a man’s needs specifically, nobody has to.


Particle for Men is making leaps and bounds in the skincare industry, providing top-of-the-line products that are geared towards a man’s needs, targeting problem areas, alleviating the stress of what products to buy and use, eliminating the wonder of what will work, and taking the guess work out of skin care.


Being that skin care regimens for men are new and are still becoming a ‘thing’, we wanted to provide you with a little info on just how simple and easy it is to be a Particle man, and how easily you could begin caring for your skin as quickly as today.


The Perfect Skin Care Regimen

It’s incredibly easy to stave off the signs of aging, turn back time on your skin, and begin looking and feeling your best – all while gaining your confidence back! Simply use a facial cleanser of your choice and then apply a dime sized amount of Particle to your fingertips, rub them together, and then apply to your face and neck. This 6-in-1 product will target wrinkles and saggy skin, exfoliate the skin and eliminate sun damage, detoxify your skin, improve the look of tired eyes and eye bags, soothe skin after shaving, and moisturize the skin – leaving you looking and feeling like a million bucks.


Do Men Actually Need an Anti-Aging Product?

We don’t quite know how else to say it, so we’ll just come right out and say it: yes. Here’s a better question: do you want to look old? Probably not. We’re willing to bet you desire to look your best – and with incorporating Particle into your life, you will do just that.


What Else About Men’s Skincare is Important?

For one thing, implementation. By actually implementing a skin care regimen into your life, you are showing the world you care about your skin, you care about your appearance, and you are breaking the stigma that only women should use skin care products. By using products like Particle’s face cream, you are supporting men worldwide in their quest for better skin. You are showing companies what matters to you, what you truly want, and what products they need to put their focus on. And above all – you are showing the world that you believe you truly are worth it – and we believe you are, too.


This is one thing any man should be able to commit to. Self care isn’t selfish – it’s smart. Try Particle today and experience the euphoria of self love, your best skin ever, and a product that truly works like it says it will.

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