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Why Men with Good Skin Get 300% More Action

Rachel Esco

Let’s face it: sexy skin matters! More often than not, your skin is the first feature people will notice — other than your eyes and likely your shoes, of course.  Yet unfortunately, face washing and anti-wrinkle treatments are one of the most underrated steps of grooming. Many gents have a lazy, devil-may-care attitude toward their skin. But once we share some of these awesome facts, you might start taking your skin a little more seriously. 


Let’s see why men with good skin have way more sex! 


1 – You look healthier 

Fresh, glowing skin is a sign of good health. Why does this matter for sex?  Based on social science, we subconsciously associate a healthy appearance with sexual prime. 


According to research on “Facial Attractiveness” a team of psychologists revealed that “our preferences guide us to choose mates who will provide the best chance of our genes surviving.” It’s animal behavior 101: we’re all programmed with a desire to mate with someone who looks like they have genetic advantage — such as good skin. Why? Because instinctively, we want our offspring to have the best genes possible! 


That’s why, on a primal level, we’re most attracted to healthy looking faces. It’s survival of the fittest, gents!



2 – You’re sending out “status vibes”

In the animal kingdom, the fiercest lion gets all the mating privileges. Except in the human world, it’s not only about how “big you are”; your social status matters too.  Did you know that good skin is a sign of status? Let’s explain…


The team of psychologists identified a social advantage to looking healthy based on animal behaviour. Simply put, animals that appear parasite-free rank higher on the hierarchy because they’re seen as having better access to resources and safety. Since these animals can provide a higher quality of life to their mates and offspring, they’re more doable. Just like us, we’re naturally more attracted to people who seem well-connected and privileged. And good looks, especially healthy skin, makes you seem like you’ve got connections to a cozier and more pampered lifestyle. 


So, the lesson here is that great skin equals status. And with status comes sex!



3 – It’s the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a philosophy that believes we attract the same qualities which we transmit into the universe. We’re basically like energy magnets! We send out positive vibes based on how we think, act and treat ourselves, and in return, we get closer to  situations and people with a similar energy or vibration. 



So believe it or not, based on the law of attraction, when you look and feel good, your mindset translates into this reality. On a metaphysical level, you’re broadcasting positive signals into the universe that make you way more desirable. By investing more love and effort into how you nurture your body and skin, you’ll attract more people who care about these values. It’s like you’re creating a magnetic force that draws in people.

You’ve got that “je ne sais quoi” — that mysterious seductive energy. 


If you don’t believe in auras or natural forces, consider reading up on the Law of Attraction a bit further. You might be surprised about what you learn.



4 – You look younger

Even if you’re not the handsomest toad in the pond, youth still gets you major brownie points — or at least the appearance of youth.


Age really is just a number. If you’re 40 but you use a men’s moisturizer daily and wear SPF, chances are that your skin seems way younger than its years. Ideally, your expression lines (or forehead wrinkles) haven’t crinkled in too deep yet, and overall, your complexion is fresh, smooth and free from dark under-eye circles.  


And why does this lead to more sex?


Because let’s be clear: unless you’re John Stamos or rich like Dan Bilzerian, people don’t want to makeout with Mr.Sandpaper face. Truth be told, if you look younger, you’ve got a wider field of options because more people of all ages are more likely to find you attractive. It’s a numbers game, after all. 



5 – Your mojo seems stronger

Unlike what the stereotypes suggest, it’s not having chiseled facial features that make you more desirable. It’s your skin tone!


In a study published by National Geographic, researchers found that faces with brighter complexions (with yellow undertones) appeared more attractive to observers. Since a hearty complexion is a sign of good blood circulation, you look like you’ve got more stamina and “man juice”.


So even if you’ve got the razor-sharp jawline of Henry Cavill (actor who plays Superman), it won’t help much if your skin is pale, dull and dehydrated. There’s nothing sexy about a complexion that says you need a Red Bull, a Viagra and a miracle just to get frisky. 



6 – You seem more handsome

Great skin makes you better-looking — period. But if you’ve got some mileage on your skin, don’t fret. As long as you nurture your skin enough to keep it reasonably firm, smooth and bright, you’ll maintain your appeal. 


Besides, all skin problems are relative. A few crows feet and forehead furrows are one thing (it can even be nicely rugged), BUT having a sun-beat, pruned-up Freddy Krugar situation will make you look way older. The most practical way to avoid this plight is keeping your face out of the sun. 


Based on research by the FDA, 80% of skin aging is caused by UV light. So, no matter how much you love that copper tone, consider the risks it’ll pose on your sex life. It’s better to sacrifice your tan than sex. And yes, eventually it does come down to a choice! 


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