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Caring for a man's skin

Why Men Need to Care of Their Skin

Grace Michaeli

Before we begin, let us put aside the obvious answer to this question (men need to take care of their skin because everyone should) and let’s address the matter directly – men have unique skincare needs and therefore, must treat it accordingly! 


In recent years a dawning realization has struck the skincare market, men and women alike – skincare isn’t just for women. Until recently, on matters related to men’s health and grooming, magazines and products have mostly focused on fitness, diets and shaving appliances. However, this makes no sense at all. Why neglect the biggest and one of the most important organs of the human body? Our skin, without a doubt, requires special care and attention. And if you’re going to do something – better do it right. 


Right skin care
To care for you skin – you must do it right!


What Men Need 

Though ‘men are from Mars and women are from Venus’ is a rather debatable statement, it is undoubtable, that men and women have very different needs when it comes to skincare. This is of course, due to the fact that men and women not only have very distinct habits, but their skin’s biology is extremely different. For instance, men’s skin is significantly thicker than women’s – which means it has less wrinkles but requires more soothing and softening products. Or, for example, men tend to have larger skin pores, which means that they produce more sebum than women. Thus, they are likely to have oilier skin and suffer from breakouts and harsher cases of acne. Therefore, they would need a skincare routine that would treat the oiliness and cleanse their skin more often. 


In short, men need a skincare regimen and products that are designed and recognize the uniqueness of their skin. Furthermore, men don’t usually consider this, but shaving has a substantial impact on your skin’s health and appearance. It also has varying effects on acne-prone skin, scars, different breakouts and the general well-being of your skin. This is why skincare is not only a necessity in itself; it is also important to realize that your skin requires products that would hit the mark for you specifically. 


Different needs to for men
Men and women have very different needs


What Men Want 

While it’s still hard to crack what women want, when it comes to skincare, studies have claimed that men want two things: a simple routine and immediate results. While it is true that the market offers an insanely diverse range of products (eye cream, eye serum, eye mask, t-zone cream, scented aftershaves, facial masks for before and after the shower… in short – everything possibly imaginable) – sometimes, less is more. That is, if you could have a product that would treat every part of the face equally, suit every kind of skin type, and still be extremely easy to apply – wouldn’t that be just perfection? 


This is precisely what Particle took into consideration when we created our face cream. We know that you want something simple yet effective. Which is why this product is a 6-in-1 anti-aging cream for men. Aside from its many benefits, it’s effortless – you apply not more than a smidgen twice a day, and that’s all there is to it really. Plus, men who have used it, reported that they saw results within less than two weeks. Who wouldn’t want those kind of results? 


Simple is better
Men just want a simple routine.


What Men Should have for their skin

The truth is, men should have suitable skincare – but more importantly, men must have more awareness. You might wonder ‘why?’. The answer is pretty simple – health. Yes, we care for our skin for aesthetic reasons, too (which shouldn’t be taken lightly). However, the most important reason for men to tend to their skin is a pure concern for their personal well-being. While the appearance of your facial skin reflects your health as a whole, it is important to maintain its health as it is one of the largest bodily areas that are constantly exposed. Therefore, it is more prone to suffer from different impurities and even skin-related diseases. 


To sum up, it’s time that all men include their facial skin in their health priorities. In fact, skincare should be as important as grooming one’s beard, as having a close shave every morning, as going to the gym, as drinking water and maintaining a healthy diet, as going to the doctor and even as taking medicine. The preventative route – is always the safest. 

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