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Why Men in Their 30’s Should Really Start Taking Care of Their Skin

Grace Michaeli

Well, the real question should be: why on earth shouldn’t they? Other than some of the obvious reasons, which include a rise in skin care awareness and the simple fact that taking care of yourself is always a good idea, there are a few more things men over 30’s need to know and take into consideration. 


Roaring 20’s 

This may come as a surprise to hear, but the the aging process of the body starts as early as the age of 25. During late teen years and early 20’s our body starts to naturally lose its baby fat. This fat played a significant role in keeping our facial skin tight and wrinkle-free. 


Of course, every person has very different skin, but in your 20’s your skin still might be slightly oily. It’s towards your late 20’s that you’ll start seeing “motor wrinkles” – small wrinkles that form in movement. Assuming you won’t simply stop laughing or crying, this wrinkles are inevitable, but this is definitely the time to start considering your skin care.


Responsible 30’s

Now, your 30’s, that’s when everything really changes. Studies show that collagen levels significantly drop in your 30’s and your skin becomes increasingly thinner. Since collagen is responsible for the skin’s elasticity and the epidermis layer loses its thickness, wrinkles and other skin impurities are more easily formed. Things like your metabolism, lifestyle and sun exposure, play a big part in these processes. Though the good news are, that if you suffered from acne or a greasy skin, oil levels drop too. 


Some other effects these changes may have, is drier facial skin, dilated blood vessels and the oh-so-dreaded crow’s feet. Which is why dermatologist David Goldberg, MD claims that your 30’s are “the decade you need to get serious about using moisturizers” and start considering anti-aging treatments. This is the time to switch things up. 


So, now to the million dollar question – what can you do about it? While aging is an inevitable process, no one wants to look old or even older than they should. Other than adapting a healthy diet, and a healthier lifestyle in general, starting a skin-care routine is of the essence. This is also the time to make sure you pick the right skin-care product, one that addresses men’s skin and its unique needs. Time flies – make sure you beat the clock! 


Rugged 40’s 

This is the time to start rocking that rugged, 007, over-40 look. But believe it or not, even the world’s most desired British Secret Service agent, needs to maintain a skin care routine, with a slight change – moisturizing. 


Collagen levels that have started to drop in your 30’s, are significantly low in your 40’s. And the wrinkles you started having before, are now more pronounced, especially around your eyes and forehead. So, what you do in your 30’s really counts for the future, an investment that you make in yourself, so you can cash in that “40’s is the new 30’s” look for as long as you can! 

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