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Why Every Man Needs a Body Wash For Men

Why Every Man Needs a Body Wash For Men

Grace Michaeli

Buying soap or a body wash can be a very personal process. Even if you’re not an overly cautious buyer, you still know what fragrance you love best. Or at least, what scent you dislike. Some men are loyal to one brand, others buy their soap with a budget. And let us not forget those who buy and share a bar of soap with their girlfriend or wife. But have you ever considered buying a body wash for men? We don’t mean the kind that has a macho bottle design – we mean an actual body wash that was designed for men. 

We know this may seem a little out there, but let us explain. Having a body wash for men specifically, makes perfect sense. Not because men should smell differently than women, but because (as you’ll see in this article) men have very different skin and needs. Still not convinced? Great! That’s exactly why we’ve compiled all the reasons you should have your own body wash right here. 


Buying soap or a body wash can be a very personal process.
Buying soap or a body wash can be a very personal process.


Drier and Denser 

According to studies, men have skin that is significantly different from women’s. More specifically, men biologically have drier and thicker skin. In fact, men’s epidermis is 20% thicker than women’s. It is denser and has wider pores. This means that it also produces more sebum – thus, men’s skin is both thicker and oilier. Now, you may be wondering how oilier skin leads to dryness. The truth is, that increased oiliness induces irritation and itchiness, which in turn rob the skin of its natural oiliness. And so begins an endless cycle that constantly harms the skin. 

Your best way out is by opting to balance oiliness levels while maintaining your skin’s natural moisturization. This can be achieved through a body wash for men enriched with Dead Sea minerals. While these minerals are known for their potent therapeutic benefits, they are also wonderful when it comes to replenishing and cleansing the skin. Which is precisely what men’s skin needs. A formula that draws out oil and bacteria, exfoliates, and hydrates. 


A body wash for men that is enriched with Dead Sea minerals.
A body wash for men enriched with Dead Sea minerals.


Toned but Tired

One other crucial difference between men and women is the speed of their metabolism. Research indicates that men often have less body fat and more muscles than women. They burn calories faster and therefore, also burn more energy. This is also one of the many reasons that men tend to sweat more than women. In short, you may be much toner, but men also need way more energy. 

You might be wondering how this affects your skin? Well, sweat, if not properly washed off, can be reabsorbed into the skin. This is especially harmful since sweat contains bacteria and impurities. Plus, it can cause a most unpleasant bodily odor. A good body wash for men can assist in maintaining a fresh smell throughout the day and rinsing any lingering bacteria. But that could be true to any type of body wash. What you need, is a formula that also invigorates and energizes – to restore the energy you’ve burned. The Dead Sea salts in Particle’s body wash are known to improve blood circulation. Giving you that energy boost you’ve been craving, but also flushing out toxins faster and balancing your skin’s natural PH levels. 


Men tend to sweat way more than women.
Men tend to sweat way more than women.


Different Demands

You may not have known this, but your bodily skin is quite different from your facial skin. The latter is substantially thinner and has a higher concentration of oil glands. It also has denser hair follicles, which means that it produces more sebum. And lastly, your facial skin may lose its hydration and elasticity due to daily and constant shaving. In other words, your facial skin and body skin need to be treated differently. Your body skin, which is thicker and drier, needs its own kind of soap. While your face requires all the moisturization it can get. 

Particle’s body wash for men can ensure that your skin is enriched with essential minerals. It can offer a deep cleanse to any type of skin, and be used on a daily basis. But more importantly, it was engineered according to men’s needs. It was created to biologically benefit men’s skin and restore the nutrients it demands. Finally, it understands the structure of men’s skin and recognizes that every man should have a body wash of their own. 

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