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What Does Beard Oil Do & Why Should I Use It?

Brian Melville

Moisturizing is vital for maintaining your skin’s hydration levels. It is typically recommended that, in order to build up your skin’s strength and keep it protected from irritants, you moisturize twice a day.

Well, did you know that it is important to moisturize your beard — and the skin beneath it — every day, too? While you could try rubbing your typical cream or lotion into your beard, the better option for moisturizing your face with facial hair is beard oil.

Today, Particle will be explaining everything you need to know about beard oil and keeping your beard healthy and handsome.

What Is Beard Oil?

On a basic level, beard oil is exactly what it sounds like: oil made for your beard. But why would you need oil for your beard in the first place?

Beard oil is designed to moisturize your facial hair and the skin that it covers. Benefits of using beard oil include softening the beard, preventing flaking, and acts as a styling agent.

It is better for you to use beard oil instead of lotion on facial hair because it is more easily absorbed. The absorption of these moisturizing agents will do you good by keeping your skin and hair healthy, taming flyaways, and leaving you smelling fresh.

How To Apply Beard Oil

When it is time for you to moisturize every morning and every night, it is best that you use a cream on all visible areas of skin but beard oil anywhere that is covered by your beard.

We suggest trying the Particle Face Cream for fulfilling all of your non-beard moisturizing needs. Our product is popular among users for providing a full facial treatment for men every time it is applied to the skin.

The formula reduces wrinkles, alleviates eye bags, removes dark spots, and soothes shaved skin using cutting-edge technology and high-grade ingredients.

The ingredients include Jojoba oil, which reduces dryness and redness, vitamin E, which helps reduce sun damage; allantoin, which protects dry skin; and coffee seed extract.

Secure yourself a handsome and healthy complexion by massaging a dime-sized amount of Particle Face Cream into your skin, avoiding all bearded areas, every morning and every night.

For your beard oil, we recommend Particle Beard Oil. Our beard oil can soften, style, and nourish your facial hair all at once. The product is designed to offer you hydration, shine, and zero itching. 

Particle beard oil consists of a unique blend of 100 percent natural oils, vital antioxidants, and vitamins A, C, and E to nurture a fresh, healthy, well-groomed look that is both soft and sharp.

Our premium ingredients include Avocado oil, which soothes skin and promotes a fuller beard, Hemp oil, which adds shine and moisture to the beard; and Apricot oil which softens your beard hair and moisturizes the skin under your beard.

Apply your beard oil after washing your face with your cleanser so that your hair follicles are still open. This will put them in the best position for absorbing oil.

It is important that you use the appropriate amount of beard oil. Using too much may result in irritation. Drip three to four drops of your Particle Beard Oil onto your hand and spread on your fingertips and palms. 

Massage the oil into the beard. If your beard is long, you can use a comb to help apply the product evenly and coat every hair. To finish, groom and style your beard as you like.

Just as you apply your moisturizer twice a day, you should apply your beard oil both in the morning and night.

Other Ways To Care For Your Beard

In addition to moisturizing and applying beard oil twice a day, there are other easy ways to care for your beard. Here are some tips for strengthening and softening your skin and facial hair.

Wash It Daily

It is important that you wash your face twice a day, including the areas covered by facial hair. Sebum, dirt, and dead skin cells can collect on your epidermis throughout the day and night. 

If not taken care of, this may result in these substances building up and clogging your pores which can cause pimples and premature aging. Washing your face twice a day, once in the morning and before bed, is the easiest way to combat this issue. 

One of the benefits of facial hair is actually that it can act as a barrier for your skin and keep unwanted bacterias out, restricting them from reaching your epidermis. 

Nevertheless, this works both ways, and so any oil, dirt, bacteria, or skin cells that do reach the hair follicles or that are produced at the skin’s surface may become trapped in. Similarly, build up gathered on any other area of your face can lead to acne, flakiness, and itchiness. 

Therefore, you must wash your face every day, including your beard. We encourage you to take the time to select the right cleanser for getting this job done. Shampoo is out of the question for washing your facial hair since it may irritate when applied to your skin. 

Instead, the best option is to use a face wash that is gentle enough for both your skin and facial hair. We recommend trying the Particle Face Wash. Our cleanser is specifically designed to help men successfully remove oil, grime, and dirt from anywhere on their faces. 

The face wash uses premium ingredients that include Cinnamomum extract, Allantoin, and Aloe vera to hydrate and soothe the skin, prevent irritation, and leave you feeling clean, fresh, and revitalized.

Before applying your Particle Face Wash, try using the steam from your shower to loosen the hair follicles and soften the skin below, allowing for a deeper cleanse. If not showering beforehand, you can use a wet, warm washcloth placed on your face to achieve the same effect. 

Be sure to use lukewarm water so that you open your pores without harming your skin and stripping away natural oils.

Next, you can pump a handful of foam onto your wet palms and gently spread it over your entire face. Then, rinse off your face, wash thoroughly using water, and allow your skin to dry. You can give your skin and beard the time to air dry or, when short on time, gently pat it with a soft, clean towel.

Brush Your Facial Hair

Brushing your beard daily can do a lot to support its health and appearance.

As already mentioned, one of the benefits of brushing your beard is that it can help apply your beard oil. Using a brush or comb rather than your fingers may guarantee more even product distribution and minimize the chances of a few stray hairs being left unmoisturized.

Another benefit of brushing your facial hair is that, with time, it can train your beard to grow in the direction or shape that you desire. Not only will brushing make your beard’s overall appearance tidier, but it will also guide your hairs to grow downwards rather than outwards. This will make your beard easier to maintain and should save you time when grooming and styling your facial hair in the future.

Additionally, brushing your facial hair is useful for removing any unsightly beard dandruff. Just as dandruff can cause your scalp to itch and flake, the same process can occur on the skin that lies below your beard, resulting in visible pieces of dead skin cells stuck in your facial hair. If your beard is short, use a comb. If your beard is long, use a brush.

Adjust Your Diet

There are ways to support your beard’s health through your diet. Incorporating a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals into your diet is not only essential for supporting the general health of your body but will also have a major influence on the growth and quality of your facial hair. 

Some specific vitamins and minerals are known to directly impact your hair for the better, so while you can use any number of vitamins and nutrients to treat your facial hair, you may want to prioritize some of the following. 

  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A has a role in regulating your testosterone levels, impacting the growth of facial hair and the production of sebum, which may affect how much natural moisture your beard has. 
    • Foods rich in vitamin A include milk, carrots,, and broccoli. 
  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D is essential for healthy hair follicle maturation, impacting how long it takes for new hairs to form and current hairs to grow. 
    • Foods rich in vitamin D include tuna, beef liver, cheese, and salmon.
  • Zinc: Zinc plays a part in maintaining hair tissue growth and repair, which directly impacts your hair’s growth. A common symptom of zinc deficiency is hair loss. 
    • Foods that are high in zinc include seeds, eggs, shellfish, and legumes.


In conclusion, there are various opportunities for you to take your beard to the next level. As you readjust your grooming routine by improving your diet and brushing and washing daily, remember that applying your beard oil every morning and night is perhaps the easiest and most efficient way to keep your beard happy, healthy, and handsome.



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