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What do wrinkles say?

What Do Your Wrinkles Say About You? 

Grace Michaeli

If reading the lines on the palm of your hand can predict the future, then reading the lines on your face can reveal everything about your health. From your age through your diet and all the way to your skincare routine, those wrinkles might be telling an undesirable story. But don’t worry, you still have time for a grand plot twist! 


So, what do your wrinkles say about you really? And more importantly, what can you do about it? Well, it’s a good thing that we’ve prepared a short overview of types of wrinkles and lines so that nothing is left for the imagination. 


Express Yourself

Dubbed “Dynamic Expression Lines” this is the type of wrinkle that is impossible to avoid. This includes, “worry lines” or “frown lines” that form on your forehead between your eyebrows, “laugh lines” that form around your lips (usually the upper lip), and many other dynamic wrinkles that are caused by the varying facial expressions we make. 


In young age, those expression lines just form and disappear as we speak or express any emotion. However, with time, and as the skin loses its natural elasticity, is increasingly damaged by the sun and possibly other ill habits, these lines become permanent. The more you frown, pucker your lips to drink from a straw or smoke a cigarette, furrow your brows, pout or sulk, the deeper and more prominent your expression lines will become. 


Interestingly enough, expression lines can reveal a lot about your habits and disposition as a person. Yes, you may have crinkles around your lips, but hey, that just means you tend to smile a lot. And frown lines? Well, they’re simply another way to say that you’ve had both good times and bad. The effects of these lines can often be treated with a good moisturizing cream that would hydrate and make the skin firmer. 


Meet your Frown lines
“Frown lines” that form on your forehead between your eyebrows


Creased Up 

While it’s true that your body, especially your skin, needs a beauty sleep to naturally renew cells, your skin can crinkle up if you snooze in the wrong position. Known as “sleep lines”, these crinkles are caused by your pillow, or any other fabric your sleep on. These sleep lines are very shallow and usually form on one side of the face. Plus, unlike expression lines, they disappear rather quickly.  


However, don’t allow their disappearance to fool you – crinkles can eventually weaken your skin, and with time become deeper. Furthermore, if the fabric of your pillowcase is rough enough to leave crinkles on your skin, it might also cause skin irritation, dryness and even rashes. It’s best that you do two things: sleep on your back to avoid these crinkles AND choose a soft and smooth fabric that is less likely to leave its mark on your skin in the morning. A crinkle-free skin indicates you’ve had a good night’s sleep!


Wrinkles in your pillow
Even the fabric of your pillowcase is important


The Gravity of the Matter 

It was Isaac Newton who said “what goes up must come down”, and boy, was he right. Very much like expression lines, “gravitational folds” are not wrinkles that can be avoided. These wrinkles are formed due to the natural pull of gravity, and will be affected by the thickness of your skin as well as your genetics. Plus, with age, the natural elasticity of the skin decreases and so do the levels of collagen. 


These folds are a fairly natural process and are mostly visible around the area of the neck, chin and eyes. It should also be noted that overweight people tend to have less gravitational folds, as their skin is somewhat stretched. Yet, we all do eventually age, which also means: we shall all suffer from gravitational folds. 


The best way to treat these folds is by prevention. You might ask; how does one prevent the natural process of aging? Though it’s true that we still haven’t found the appropriate time machine or fountain of youth, the aging process of the skin can be easily slowed down and treated by adopting a healthy and steady skin care routine. By sticking to it, you are effectively nourishing your skin and assisting it to preserve its natural facets; such as the collagen. 


All wrinkles can be thoroughly treated, though not completely avoided. Which is why we should learn and acquire new habits – preferably some that are beneficial as anti-aging and wrinkle-effective treatments. 


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