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Dealing with acne after shaving

What Can You Do to Treat Acne After Shaving?

Grace Michaeli

Shaving your beard seems to be a pretty mundane and casual thing to do. However, as you well know being a man, that shaving can be pretty complex. Whether it’s nicks and cuts you need to avoid, unsuitable shaving equipment, choosing the right shaving cream (one that won’t irritate your skin) and eventually having to face acne after shaving process is over – you have to make some smart choices to make sure your stays smooth and healthy. 


So, we’ve prepared a short and practical guide that will help you make all the right decisions and pick up all the positive habits that will help you maintain an unharmed complexion. From prevention, through protection and all the way to treatment – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 


A Clean Shave 

If you suffer from chronic acne, or even from a mild case of acne like most people do, you probably know the importance of keeping your skin as clean as possible. Acne is a skin condition brought on by clogged follicles, this can happen either by excessive sebum production, oil buildup and even poor hygiene. So, why not simply maintain clean and well-nourished facial skin? 


You can achieve this through three simple “R” thumb rules: Razor, Rag and Routine. The first two apply to the cleanliness of the equipment you use. It is extremely important that you pay close attention to the razor’s quality and intactness. A blunt blade or a bacteria-ridden one, will surely inflame any skin condition. The same goes for the rag, or rather washcloth that you use to dry your face after the shave. Make sure to replace it as many times as possible, just so that you won’t be patting down your recently shaven face with a filthy towel. Last but not least, is routine. People who are prone to acne breakouts should have a routine diet (one that is appropriate for people with oilier skin), as well as a steady and daily skincare routine. 


Acne after shaving - and your razor
You should pay close attention to the razor’s quality and intactness


Be Prepared 

Though this is not a treatment method per se, prevention is definitely the first step to treating a condition that can easily be onset. After we’ve double checked the three “R”s – and our setting is ready, you have to prepare your skin. Acne is easily irritated and we wouldn’t want to cause any unnecessary inflammation. The key is softness and moistness. 


Start by rinsing your face with warm water. This will make your skin more supple, softer and smoother when the razor glides on it, which in turn means you won’t be shaving over existing pimples and bumps. It might seem redundant mentioning the next tip, but it needs to be said: use shaving cream. You’d be surprised to hear how many men skip this step. Remember, shaving cream is the best way to prevent after shave breakouts. Last but no least, while shaving, always go with the grain rather than against it. This way you’ll have not only a closer shave, but also one that is free of razor bumps and acne. 


Warm water first
Rinse your face with warm water to make it softer and smoother


Treat it Head On 

If you’ve read and applied all the previous tips for prevention and still suffer from an acne breakout – it’s time to pull out the big guns and go for the offensive. Of course, if you’ve encountered the pestering effects of acne, you have your own preset and tailored acne treatment, but acne after shaving is a whole other story because the spots are usually inflamed and irritated. 


Your first course of action would be to alleviate the redness and irritability, and sooth the affected area. You might struggle to tell the difference between sore pimples and your usual razor bumps, but in this case, pacifying the pain works for both conditions. A simple home remedy would be applying cool compresses onto the irritated skin. You can use a clean and wet washcloth, and whatever you do, don’t rub against the pimples. 


The next (and possibly best) thing you can do is use a hydrating face wash that would assist in reducing the inflammation. Particle’s face wash is enriched with four crucial ingredients that are also perfect for irritated skin: aloe vera, panthenol, cinnamomum extract and allantoin. As you begin the process of soothing your skin, wash the pain away and cleanse with a nourishing face wash. 


Aloe vera for your skin
Aloe vera is one of the crucial ingredients that are perfect for irritated skin


Acne After Shaving (and Before)

Don’t be fooled – shaving is more than just removing the hair from your face, it’s also another layer of your skin’s grooming routine. And yes, men should have such a routine. The real secret is that the best way to treat acne after shaving, is by starting the process way before the actual shaving, your skin will thank you for it. 

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