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Nose and ear hair removal

Trimming Your Nose and Ear Hair Like a Pro

Grace Michaeli

Every part and organ in your body serves an important purpose. From your very tiny pinky and all the way up to your eyelashes, they’re all there for a reason. The same goes for your nose and ear hairs. Your nasal hair is meant to prevent and protect your body from breathing in different types of bacteria and dust, while ear hair does the same for your ear canal and eardrum. In short, we all have them and need them. 


That being said, some people find these hairs aesthetically unappealing. This is especially true if things get too fuzzy around your earlobes, or perhaps you have an exceptionally long nasal hair sticking out of your nostril. Since these hairs are important and have a significant function, the best solution would be to reduce the hair rather than remove it altogether. 


Now, you might be wondering what’s the best way to go about it? Or perhaps, how can you trim your nose and ear hair without hurting yourself? Fear not, that is exactly why we’ve prepared these useful tips. Just print them and glue them to your mirror for your next trimming and grooming session! 


Trimming that hair
Can you trim your ear hair without hurting yourself?


Clean Up Your Nose and Ear Hair Nicely 

Before you begin any grooming ritual, it’s always best to start working clean. The same goes for your shaving, by the way, the cleaner and less greasy, the better the shave. So, no matter the tool or method you pick (more on that later), make sure you start the trimming, plucking, removal process with a clean nasal or ear canal. 


To do that, simply take a cotton bud, moisten it lightly, and clean the area with gentle circular movements. Watch out not to go too deep – that might either cause a nosebleed or injure your eardrum. Of course, before you start the process, make sure you have thoroughly washed your hands – we don’t want to add new bacteria to such sensitive body parts. 


Remove your ear hair
Before you remove your ear hair, it’s best to start working clean


Wax On, Wax Off 

Though many dermatologists strongly discourage waxing or plucking with tweezers, it is rather popular and should be addressed. Dermatologists are strongly opposed to these methods because they remove all hairs, and as previously mentioned, these hairs are crucial to filtering the air we breathe. Furthemore, waxing and plucking could definitely hurt the skin in and around your nostrils and ears. Not to mention that it could lead to ingrown hairs.  


While the positive side of these methods is that you wouldn’t have to repeat them frequently, it seems that there are more cons than pros. But if you must wax or pluck, at least make sure to have it done by a professional, so that the wax doesn’t go in too deep and injure the sensitive blood vessels in your nose, or the tweezers don’t damage your skin. Plus, when it comes to wax, make sure you don’t have any allergic reactions to it. No one wants to have a rash up their nostril. 


Waxing hurts
Waxing could definitely hurt the skin in and around your nostrils and ears


Trim Around the Edges 

The best method for your skin and hair alike is trimming. The trick is to do it in a well-lit room, in front of a mirror, clean the hairs away once you’ve trimmed them (so you can see clearly what it is you’re trimming), and obviously, rinse everything off once you’re done. The only con that this method might have, is that you’d have to trim your hairs every couple of days. 


Last but not least, if you go with trimming, you should pick your tool wisely. You could either go with curved small scissors or an electric trimmer. Scissors are usually better for your nose, that is, scissors that are made precisely for this purpose. Just make sure that you tip your head back and have a clear view. The electric trimmer is good both for your ears and nose. There’s a wide variety of electric trimmers out there, pick the one that gives you painless results. 


Finishing Touches 

After you’ve treated yourself to a thorough nose or ear weed whacking, your skin will probably be irritated, red and inflamed. So whatever you do, don’t skip this last step of treating your skin with a soothing moisturizer. This way you could prevent possible rashes, or even unwanted ingrown hairs. A good face cream that was designed for men, also calms the skin after a shave – the same goes for a good nose and ear hair trim. With these tips you’ll absolutely trim like a pro! 


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