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Face wash - Particle's science

The Science Behind Particle Face Wash

Grace Michaeli

Washing our face seems like a pretty simple thing to do; you turn on the tap, dab your face with water, rinse, dry and repeat. If you follow a certain routine, you might even do this twice a day. The basic guidelines are clear and easy to follow. So, why should you have to do anything differently and why do you need a face wash? 


Well, several studies have shown that face washes, otherwise known as ‘cleansers’, play an important role in upping your facial skincare game, and more importantly, in thoroughly removing excess dirt that may clog your pores. You might ask, “if I need to clean my face, why not simply use soap?” The thing about facial skin cleansers is that they are gentler than regular soap, and as a result, can properly clean your skin without removing the necessary oil it needs for its elasticity. Even more so, by using regular soap (perhaps even washing your face with leftover shampoo or body lotion in the shower) you might be doing more damage to your skin than you think. 


Understanding what your skin needs and how it works, is what we do here at Particle. Especially when it comes to men’s skin, which is of course, different than women’s in many ways. So, trust us when we say that you need to add a proper cleanser to your skincare routine. But, first thing’s first – what are face washes, and aside from us telling you that you need them, do they really work? 


Simply washing your face - is it enough?
Washing your face with water sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?


What Are Face Washes, or Cleansers, and Do They Actually Work? 

Truth be told, face washes and cleansers do pretty much the same thing – they remove bacteria, dirt and oil from your skin. Then, what is the difference, you ask? Cleansers usually come in the form of lotion or hydrating cream, but more importantly, they are non-foaming. They are more suitable for removing makeup (which is definitely not what we’re looking for here). Face washes, on the other hand, are the proper substitute for soap. Since face washes, and Particle’s face wash in particular, foam and froth they can and should be incorporated in your daily face washing routine. 


But, hang on, why not just rinse thoroughly and be done with it? Well, there’s nothing better than working with a clean slate. And this is exactly what cleansers are meant to do – cleanse the surface, revitalize and soothe it. Face washes offer a deeper cleanse than any soap you might use, and remove all the grime and oil clogging your pores. This is especially important for the shaving process. For instance, it can clean the skin before shaving, and then soothe irritated skin after you’ve trimmed and shaved your beard, and by doing so, assist in preventing any acne, other outbreaks or different skin impurities. 


Particle's Face wash
Particle’s face wash foam and froth can and should be incorporated in your daily face washing routine


The Particle Way – Face Wash Science

Since we’re looking for the ultimate relaxation and relief, no face wash can be complete without Aloe Vera. This is probably not the first time that you’ve heard about the wonders of this specific plant. From nutritional values to skincare benefits, Aloe Vera is a natural and friendly ingredient that’s highly popular in different solutions. When the gel found within the plant’s leaves has direct contact with the skin, it not only has a hydrating effect, but it can also reduce certain types of acne. In our face wash, it has been used expressly for these qualities, but also because it replenishes the skin and enriches it with minerals and vitamins. 


Then, we needed to boost the face washes ability to effectively fight acne. Now, we know that the word “acid” can cause a bit of hesitation, but Glycolic Acid, is the good kind, one that has a positive effect on your skin and has antibacterial and antioxidant activity. To make things even better, it promotes collagen growth, making your skin look younger and smoother. The rest of the ingredients are all there to heal, hydrate and calm: Allantoin, treating and protecting, damaged or dry skin; Cinnamomum Extract, reducing inflammation and boosting collagen levels; finally, Panthenol, hydrating the skin. 


The combination of course, speaks for itself. The face wash is appropriate and it is strongly recommended that men of all ages use it. Especially, when the instructions are simple to follow, and provide the best results. All you need to do is rense your face, pump a handful of foamy face wash and gently apply it to your face. As you rub the soap, use your fingers to spread it. Lastly, wash your face and use a clean and soft towel to dab your dry. It’s no sweat; don’t scrub until you’re blue in the face – just cleanse it! 

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