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The Natural Ingredients Your Skin Needs

The Natural Ingredients Your Skin Needs

Grace Michaeli

While the technology of skincare is ever evolving, premium products always include and draw more than just inspiration from the world of nature. It would be wrong, however, to assume that just because it’s natural or organic, it’s necessarily good for your health and complexion. The trick is – to know the science behind nature and mix and match the right ingredients to the right person.


For instance, men and women have very different skin needs and habits – while women would benefit from natural ingredients that would assist in cleansing the skin from the use of makeup, men require nutrients that would help restore the skin’s vitality and softness after repetitive shaving. So, though natural is good as a general rule – picking the best components for healthy skincare is just as important. 


For your convenience, we’ve prepared a short, and by no means exhaustive list, of nature’s finest. Oh, and of course, we make sure to use the perfect quantity of each item in our formulas, created especially for men. 


Jojoba Oil 

This is probably one of the most popular oils that people simply love to incorporate in their skincare routine. Originally from northern Mexico, Jojoba Oil can either be distilled into oil or wax, but either way, it maintains its countless benefits. The plant not only assists in moisturizing (and thus is a useful ingredient for any person suffering from dryness and skin irritation), but it is also known for promoting skin health, and is therefore helpful when treating different types of acne, blemishes and many other skin conditions. 


The Natural Ingredients You need
It is also known for promoting skin health


Shea Butter 

The second most favorite plant extract, is without a doubt, Shea butter. In fact, it has been around from quite some time, and its use can be traced all the way back to Ancient Egypt. More specifically for men, Shea butter is one of those natural ingredients that you have to own if you’re a regular shaver struggling with skin irritation and post-shaving nicks. But aside from its soothing properties, this West African nut is known for a long list of other advantages; it’s antibacterial, an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and so much more.   


Shea butter advantages
Shea butter is also antibacterial, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory


Aloe Vera 

You’ve probably heard of all the many uses of Aloe Vera – but did you know it also had anti-aging properties? According to studies, the plant and its gel-like pulp can be used to increase the skin’s elasticity as well as hydrate and smooth out wrinkles or saggy skin. The moisturizing effect that Aloe Vera has, usually leaves a revitalizing sensation. Furthermore, Aloe Vera has been proven to be useful when it comes to protection against UV rays, and not just as a remedy after getting sunburned. So, if you see the ingredient list includes this magical essence, be sure you’re in good hands. 


Aloe Vera
Useful when it comes to protection against UV rays


Charcoal Powder 

Unlike the charcoal you might find in your everyday fireplace, activated charcoal powder has a great number of medicinal uses, and quite a few in the aesthetic area. Though not used specifically in creams or solutions, charcoal powder is an excellent component of powerful face masks. It’s often used as a means of cleansing and removing both dirt and toxins from the skin, which is also why it’s applied when treating acne and even different bug bites. Just in case you’re wondering, yes, activated charcoal, when used for the right reasons and appropriate dosages, is completely safe. 


Face Masks and Natural Ingredients
An excellent component of powerful face masks


Vitamin E 

Now, this is just one of the many vitamins you should make sure to include in your day-to-day health routine. So, what makes vitamin E so special? Well, this vitamin helps maintain and restore both hair and skin health. It’s also very effective in treating a variety of skin diseases, from acne and all the way to psoriasis. Moreover, it’s a potent antioxidant that also helps in supporting the immune system. Last but not least, vitamin E can assist in protecting your skin from those destructive UV rays. Overall, E for Exquisite. 


Vitamin E
Make sure to include it in your day-to-day health routine


Coffee Seed Extract 

Who knew that coffee was good for more than just your morning coffee? As it turns out, the coffee seed extract boosts collagen production, and therefore, increases skin elasticity and its youthfulness. But that is not all, when applied directly to the skin, the extract can strengthen the inner layer of the skin, as a result, making it more resistant to deeper wrinkles, those that eventually last longer. Just don’t go saving your old coffee filters just yet, our team of experts have used the right amount for the perfect impact. 


skin elasticity and its youthfulness
Increases skin elasticity and its youthfulness


Natural Ingredients and Cinnamomum Extract

Don’t let the name of this last ingredient confuse you, we are indeed talking about cinnamon extract, and it is undoubtedly what your skin has been missing. Taken from the inner bark of the cinnamon plant, it has soothing abilities that are simply great for treating skin irritations. It can either be applied separately to the skin, or mixed with other natural ingredients, but in both cases, you’ll be able to enjoy its relaxing effect. Plus, the smell is irresistable! Good thing, it’s one of our key ingredients that you’ll be pleased to find. 

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