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The Modern Man – Why Skincare Has Become Universal

Michael Owen

Right now is the best time to be man. There are currently so many opportunities for making yourself look and feel great. From man mani/pedis to luxurious spa treatments, there’s so much available in the world of men’s grooming. Women today appreciate a well-groomed man and they aren’t afraid to let him know when it’s time to start using the moisturizer. Whether you’re rocking a beard or stunning with the clean cut, there are so many products available for every type of man and the many different styles that they wear. Men’s grooming techniques are making a big comeback. Here’s why that’s awesome for you.


Beauty Before   

Think about the peacock for a second. Did you know it’s actually the male peacock that has those gorgeous innate blue feathers? That’s right. Since the dawn of time, men have been trying to look their best to warrant a little attention. If nature isn’t a testament to the fact that men are free to groom as they wish, let’s take a little look at what history tells us.


Way back to the days of the Egyptians, Romans, Vikings and the like, makeup and body oil were actually worn by men to ward off bad spirits, loss at war and body odor. Biblical references refer to both makeup and body oils like Frankincense and Myrrh. The Romans would dye their hair to look younger. The Spartans would paint their nails red for battle. Native Americans painted their faces as a sign of prestige, honor and valiance during war. Greeks would bathe in oils to help heal and restore their skin to their previous young glory.


 In England, Kings would wear wigs and face makeup. With the ushering in of the Middle Ages and the Victorian times, makeup was thought of as something that distracted from religion and was banned or prohibited for centuries. But beauty products couldn’t stay hidden for long.


With the turning of the 20th century, makeup made a big comeback and grooming sets for men to shave and after shave lotion were all the rage. Flash-forward to today’s modern man, and there’s no denying that cool hair is in and eyeliner is in and nail polish is in and it’s normal to see a man at the spa. Beauty is coming back and in a big way.


To Infinity And Beyond

So what does this resurgence of male grooming mean for you? It means it’s time to take care of your skin. Years of neglect may have left you looking dry and weathered and honestly, a little leathery. You need a face lotion that cleans, moisturizes and protects your skin from future damage. As beauty has progressed, so has science and the facts are in. Internal and external factors play a big role in your aging. We’re not telling you to book a mani/pedi sesh tomorrow, we know you need to start slow. But we are telling you that with the modern man, beauty has gone mainstream and all around the globe. It’s time to start getting in on the trend.


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