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Hair removal methods for men

The Best Hair Removal Methods for Your Skin

Grace Michaeli

Even if you’re a proud groomer of a thick beard, you’ve struggled once or twice with different facial hair removal methods. While it’s true that the most common and familiar method is shaving, in recent years, there has been an increasing number of alternative methods. Some are fairly simple and involve little harm to your skin (if done properly), while others can potentially cause scarring, itching, rashes and that’s just a drop in the bucket. 


Since the number of options out there can be quite confusing, we decided to gather some of the possibilities so you can choose which to ‘shave off’ your list.


Hair Removal Methods: The Classic 

This would naturally include using the old and faithful razor and shaving cream. This is without a doubt the preferable way to remove facial hair. That makes sense too, since shaving is the easiest, most affordable and pain-free way to go. Also, with a razor in hand, you have maximum control if you’re looking to shave your beard and moustache in different styles. 


Hair removal methods for men
The preferable way to remove facial hair



  • Maintaining a close shave is hard work! In other words, to keep a smooth look – you would have to shave daily. 
  • Cuts, nicks and ingrown hairs… Yes, these are just some of the things you might be facing during your shave.  
  • Razor burns – these can be caused by poor shaving conditions such as the wrong razor or shaving too quickly. 



Aside from the rapid regrowth of hair, all the other disadvantages can be easily fixable. The best way to prevent injuring the skin is by preparing your surface in advance. Make sure you thoroughly clean your face before shaving, rinse with warm water, and of course, use a soothing face cream if you’re suffering from inflammation or itchiness post-shaving. 


The Creative 

There have been many innovations in the field of hair removal methods, and while depilatories have been in the market some time, they have only recently been adjusted for men. They come in cream or gels and when applied to the skin, they dissolve the hair shaft, making it fall out. The hairs are then simply wiped off. Similar to shaving, this method is also rather fast, painless and fairly inexpensive. 


Meet Depilatories
Depilatories have been in the market some time



  • Depilatories are very harsh chemicals. These products tend to have an unpleasant odor.
  • In addition to the smell, the chemicals can also cause rashes and severe skin reactions. 
  • If left for too long on the skin, depilatories can cause irritation, stinging sensations and even burns. 



The best solution would be to follow the instructions listed on the product you use. This would assist in preventing a list of unnecessarily painful reactions. However, it should also be noted that some people have more sensitive skin than others, which is why it is recommended to test a small area on your skin before applying it to your entire beard. Also, try to incorporate other hair removal techniques; using chemicals on a regular basis can have a bad impact on your skin in the long run. 


The Committed 

Waxing is an extremely effective way to remove facial hair at home. But if you’re opting for this method (which is notoriously painful), you’re definitely willing to go the whole nine yards. Wax can either be applied warm or using cool strips designed specifically for facial hair removal. One of the substantial advantages of waxing, is that compared to the other methods waxing has a longer impact and requires repeating only once a month. 


Waxing is best for home use
An extremely effective way to remove facial hair at home



  • Pain, pain, and more pain. Waxing is one of those “no pain, no gain” techniques, especially when it comes to sensitive facial skin. 
  • Waxing can lead to a number of side effects; rashes, impurities, hemorrhages, irritation and even allergic reactions. 
  • This technique can easily lead to ingrown hairs which could, in turn, lead to outbreaks and different skin impurities. 



So, obviously this isn’t many people’s go-to method, but if you do choose to go down that road, you should make sure you’re using the right equipment. For instance, try to use hypoallergenic wax that was meant to be used on facial skin. Also, prepare a soothing solution to prevent redness, swollen skin and further irritation. Usually, cool towels should do the trick. And remember, whatever you do, your skin needs hydration and nourishing – specifically after undergoing a process which is possibly traumatic. 


Cut It Out 

The important take-away from this, is that no matter what you choose, make sure that you’re making the choices that are best for your skin. There are countless options for any type of skin and grooming routine and it’s crucial that you become aware of all of them so you can make smart skincare decisions. Good thing we’re here to back you up! 


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