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The Benefits of Dead Sea Minerals for Your Skin 

Grace Michaeli

It takes quite a lot of engineering and planning the perfect skincare products to complement men’s skin. We had to take into the account the specific requirements that men have. For instance, men tend to have oilier skin and outbreaks and sometimes, they might even suffer from nicks and rough chin and cheek skin. On top of that, the ingredients we chose had to be natural, since toxic substances may have harming effects on blemished and irritated skin. That is why we have chosen to include Dead Sea minerals both in our face cream and face mask.


These minerals, which are retrieved from the lowest place on earth, have been known for centuries as extremely potent and therapeutic for the skin. To be precise, there are 21 minerals in Dead Sea water and salts; Calcium, Magnesium and Bromide, just to name a few. All of which are significant for your skin. You shouldn’t take all these advantages with a grain of salt. But if you’re still unconvinced, here are some of the health benefits these minerals have for your skin. 


Rub the Salt in Your Wounds 

The Dead Sea has always been a mecca for people suffering from different skin diseases. For example, thanks to the high concentration of salts in the water and its minerals, they have a therapeutic impact on people with psoriasis flares. It has also been famously known to relieve pain caused by psoriasis related inflammation. Another study suggests that the minerals, especially those found in Dead Sea mud, can decrease arthritis symptoms and alleviate soreness. The same goes for many other skin impurities and blemishes. 


Dead Sea Minerals - the pluses
The minerals can decrease arthritis symptoms and alleviate soreness


A Remedy Worth Its Salt 

As previously mentioned, the Dead Sea’s minerals can do wonders for people suffering from chronic skin conditions. But how about the more common acne (which almost 85% of people will eventually experience)? Or even a simple case of dry skin? As it would seem, magnesium contributes greatly to the skin’s elasticity but also encourages healthy blood circulation which in turn assists in rejuvenating the skin. Thus, products containing those potent minerals cleanse the skin from dead cells. 


When it comes to acne, the antimicrobial impact the Dead Sea minerals have repels and removes bacteria. Seeing as acne is brought on by hair follicles clogged with oil, dead skin cells as well as other types of dirt and can cause scarring and other complications, you most definitely want to treat it with anything Dead-Sea related. While you cannot avoid acne altogether, there is a lot you can do to reduce its impact and actively treat an outbreak. One of those ways is why by regularly using a case cream enriched with nourishing minerals. 


Cleaning the skin
Products containing those minerals cleanse the skin from dead cells


Relieve, Release and Repeat

Aside from their marvelous properties, Dead Sea ingredients have been proved to assist in soothing more than one’s skin. In fact, they are famous for their mental calming effects and promote better sleeping habits. Furthermore, researches have shown that constant use of the minerals found in the Dead Sea, which are best absorbed through the skin, can relieve different types of chronic muscle pains. While the direct reason for this is unclear, the advantages are impossible to ignore. 


Now, you might wonder what chronic back pain has to do with the benefits minerals have for your skin… Well, soothing is essentially one of the most important effects that Dead Sea minerals have. Whether it’s your muscles or your skin, this naturally-effective resource revives any and every part of your body. 


Your back pain
Constant use of the minerals from the Dead Sea can relieve different types of chronic muscle pains


One to Rule Them All 

While plenty of products use either Dead Sea concentrated water, mud or even purely the sea’s minerals, it’s the other ingredients included in a formula that turn it into a winning skincare product. Thus, we incorporate other natural and effective ingredients that would enhance the minerals’ effect. For instance, our face cream contains shea butter that boosts the soothing impact. It also contains Jojoba Oil, which similarly to Dead Sea minerals, has anti-inflammatory properties. In short, it’s all about balance. But when we’re talking about such magical substances, it’s truly hard to go wrong! 


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