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The Anti-Aging Mistakes You’re Making

Grace Michaeli

We all make mistakes, that much is true. But while some are unavoidable, your anti-aging habits should and can be on point. As a matter of fact, when it comes to your skin, you really don’t want to be making any mistakes. Educating yourself about your skin needs and possible anti-aging tips you might be getting all wrong is the first step to upgrading your anti-aging game and of course, perfecting your skincare routine. 


So, if you’ve already seen those infamous wrinkles when you frown, or spotted sneaky crow’s feet gathering around your eyes, or perhaps wondered what are those brown blemishes on your skin – you definitely need to check out all the things you might be missing. 


Letting too Much Sun in

Though your skin may actually benefit from small doses of sunlight, being exposed to the sun for long periods of time may prove to be quite dangerous. Aside from obvious concerns related to skin diseases, having insufficient protection from the sun may accelerate your skin’s aging process. For instance, if you’ve thought that sunscreen was enough to protect your skin from UV rays – think again. This is not to say that you shouldn’t use sunscreen every chance that you get, but the safest way to go is by trying to stay in a shaded area. 


And if we’re talking about shade, sunglasses are more than just a fashionable accessory; they’re a necessary item. Make sure, however, that you purchase sunglasses with a UV tag, that would ensure both your eyes and the sensitive skin around it are protected. Furthermore, the right sunglasses would prevent you from straining your eyes and squinting, which naturally lead to deeper wrinkles that are harder to reverse. 

Anti-Aging mistake
Toם much sun may prove to be quite dangerous


Mistreating Your Skin

You might be harming your skin without even knowing it. Certain habits that we carelessly adopt may result in serious damage. The common mistake is washing your face the wrong way. For example, rinsing your face too many times a day might remove the natural moisture of your facial skin, leaving it dry and dehydrated, and thus more prone to wrinkle. You also might be rubbing your face too roughly, or using water that’s too hot. The thumb rule is washing twice a day and being gentle and kind to your skin. 


The same goes for your general health, which shows on your skin. Sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, high levels of stress, and an overall disregard of your physical and mental health – all have a very visible impact on your skin. Though making such lifestyle changes might seem overwhelming, they’re absolutely worth it. 

Washing Your Face
The common mistake is washing your face the wrong way


Neglecting Available Anti-Aging Treatments 

Being the largest organ of the human body, our skin needs all the tending it can get. So other than adjusting some of the habits you already have, picking up a skincare routine is also something to consider. Failing to use an appropriate skin solution might be one of the biggest mistakes you’re making. But even if you do start using an anti-aging treatment, make it count; not all creams are fit for every skin. Men, for example, need a solutions that takes their particular skin characteristics into account. Particle was in fact designed with those specific considerations in mind – so when it comes to anti-aging, worry no more. 


Even if you’ve made some of the mistakes listed here and picked a couple of bad skincare habits along the way, there’s time to make a change. Remember, your skin deserves the very best, and with the right treatment, can look its best, too.  


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