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Surgery vs. Skin Care After 50 

Grace Michaeli

It’s time to let you in on a little secret: everyone in their 50’s have wrinkles. Unless you’ve uncovered the fountain of youth, or otherwise cracked the algorithm preventing us from going back in time – your years of experience will start to show. Assuming that you’re not ready just yet to rock that older look, there are definitely things that can be done. With wisdom comes great responsibility; to your health and appearance. 


At this point in life, you’ve probably faced some challenges, tackled them, and accumulated some successes along with other proud moments. And yet, when facing the decision of how to tackle this particular issue – wrinkles – you need all the help you can get, especially when there are two such different ways to go about it.  


So, what ARE the differences between having surgery and skin care (other than cost, obviously)? 

Though most of the stigmas surrounding cosmetic treatments are long gone, there are still plenty issues that should be considered before you get that nip-and-tuck. Well, for one, cosmetic surgeries are invasive procedures with noticeable and immediately altering effects. Injections, peels and facelifts may affect the way you look – and not always for the better. And the facts is, that even after having the procedure, you would still have to pick up a skin care routine. So why not start that first? 


Studies show that a consistent and proper use of anti aging skin care can in fact increase skin moisturization and reduce fine and coarse wrinkles alike. Sure, it may seem that the downside of daily skin care applicatication is that it is, well, daily, but cosmetic treatments need maintenance too (let alone a healing period for some procedures). Between finding a highly-qualified and recommended surgeon, going through the procedure, waiting for the healing process, then redoing the whole process again a few months later; you’re spending a lot of money and time that could have been used otherwise. 


But, wait, is anti aging skin care really enough? 

Well, it depends on the type of skin care product you choose and what type of skin you have. In your 50’s, your one main concern should be hydration and moisturization, rather than making cosmetic alterations. With the right skin product you will be able not only to prevent future skin blemishes, but also treat existing creases and such impurities. 


Particle is one such product that can help you sustain a healthy, well-nourished and good-looking complexion. One of the best things about the Particle 6 in 1 solution is that, unlike cosmetic treatments where you need to adjust and choose the procedure for your skin type, it works for all skin types. 


Developed by leading biochemists, Particle combines technology and natural ingredients (our not-so-secret ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid) to create a winning formula. But the cherry on top? it’s completely risk free. 

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