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Six Ways to Reduce Those Frown Lines

Grace Michaeli

Frown lines, wrinkles, crow’s eyes, crinkles, folds and lines – we all have them, and frankly, would have wanted to avoid them altogether. But since no one is immune, the first thing you should do is know your enemy. Knowing what causes wrinkles is the first step you need to take in order to reduce them. 


So, what does cause these unwanted creases? As your skin ages, collagen production slows down and with it the elasticity of your skin. But there are other factors that should be mentioned; your lifestyle, your skin exposure to the sun, your skincare routine, and of course, that which you cannot control – your genetics. This doesn’t mean however, that there’s nothing you can do about. We’ve gathered here a list of ways that would help you turn that frown – upside down! 


Water It Down 

We all know that our bodies are made of 60% water – but your facial skin needs to be hydrated in two main ways; by drinking at least 8 cups of water a day as well as rinsing your face twice a day. Dehydration is usually one of the key causes for dried skin which then becomes more sensitive and susceptive to wrinkles. Who knows, maybe all your skin needs is just the right boost of H2O to bounce right back. 


frown lines
maybe all your skin needs is just the right boost of H2O


Stop Frowning! 

Of course this advice is evident, but actually is has more to do with your disposition and stress levels. Frown lines aren’t really just from frowning; smiling, laughing, crying and a whole other set of emotions can affect those wrinkles. According to different studies chronic stress and aging (and consequently wrinkles) go hand-in-hand, so looking for ways to destress might be something to consider. 


Chronic stress and aging (and consequently wrinkles) go hand-in-hand


The Richer the Better

This tip refers particularly to your diet – make sure that your diet is rich with antioxidants. These molecules are just one of the many things that we lose as we age, and they in fact fight free radicals in our body (which are linked to different kinds of diseases). So by increasing your antioxidants intake (by eating fruits such as citruses, berries, and avocado), you will not only be boosting your immune system, but you will also help you skin fight wrinkles. 


Make sure that your diet is rich with antioxidants


Sunscreen is Your New Best Friend 

We’ve spoken quite a lot about the damages sun might cause your skin, but this point cannot be stressed enough, especially since men usually spend more time exposed to the sun than women. Studies have unequivocally shown that overexposure to sun is directly linked to skin aging. Furthermore, your skin would benefit both from a constant and daily application of sunscreen as well as minimal exposure. 


frown lines in sun
Meet your new best friend – the sunscreen


Treat Your Skin to a Healthy Routine

It is strongly recommended that men over the age of 30 adopt a healthy skincare routine that is comprised of proper rinsing but mostly of an appropriate skincare solution. Though 30 might seem a young age to start, it’s never too soon to take preventative measures. Particle is a skincare solution that has been designed especially for men, is moisturizes and nourishes the skin – thus, providing it with the treatment it needs to fight of wrinkles and minimize frown lines.


Massaging is Not Just For Your Back 

This measure is more of a preventative one, and refers to whenever you apply cream to your skin (whether it’s Particle or your regular sunscreen). Before you start massaging your face, we recommend rinsing your hands to clear off any bacteria. Then, as you apply the cream, use circular movement that would stimulate circulation and cell growth. Make sure to properly rub the wrinkles areas for maximum results to reduce frown lines.


Whichever of these tips you plan to use (or perhaps you’d like to adopt them all), don’t ignore the appearance of wrinkles, treating them at the very beginning is the best way to ensure they do not deepen in older age. Start now for better results later. 


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