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Quarantine and your skin

Quarantine Skin – How Can You Treat It?

Grace Michaeli

We think it’s time to address the elephant in the room, and no, we’re not talking about that huge zit on your chin. Changing your entire routine and having to confine yourself at home during quarantine, does take its toll on your skin and body. You are bound, at some point or another, to see certain changes. 


Yes, your skin no longer suffers from overexposure to the sun and you might not need to shave as much (unless you have to attend regular business video calls), which are both extremely positive for your skin, but there are other bad habits you may have picked up during those long lockdown weeks. Perhaps you’re sleeping in, eating unhealthy food or lacking exercise which is important for a healthy blood circulation. In any case, something’s gotta give.


So, what can you possibly do to keep your skin youthful and healthy while in quarantine? Here are some useful tips so that you don’t have to hide behind a mask (though everyone should!)


Staying in
Staying at home all those weeks does take its toll on your skin and body


Get Your Skin in the Game 

Exercising is always a good idea, even when there isn’t a pandemic forcing us into a quarantine. But if you’re looking to keep your skin vivacious and healthy, you should start working out on a regular basis. Aside from the fact that keeping active is a great way to reduce stress (which can increase and irritate acne breakouts), it’s a wonderful way to increase one’s blood flow and boost your skin cell renewal process. In other ways, by exercising your skin stays nourished and vital. The only thing you should look out for, is not having a shower after your workout to rinse off the sweat – it can lead to irritation and increased blemishes and outbreaks. 


Start exercising
Exercising keeps your skin nourished and vital


Apply Yourself 

With all these new regulations, your skin has many reasons to dry up. For instance, the air from the AC is much drier and lacks the natural humidity outside. Another reason your skin might be drier is the constant face and hand washing that is sucking the natural moisture from your skin. Lastly, constantly wearing masks can irritate your skin and make things even worse. So, rather than applying every facial cream in your cabinet, there’s one you should focus on: a moisturizing face cream. Keeping your skin moist and well-nourished is of the essence, mostly if you’re looking to reduce those wrinkles and keep your skin smooth and plump. 


Quarantine skin time
Keep your skin moist and well-nourished


Moderate Your Power Naps 

A proper sleep is significant for your skin’s production of collagen and the renewal and rejuvenation of dead skin cells. In other words, there’s a good reason they call it a beauty sleep. On the other hand, getting too much sleep, or even having an irregular sleep pattern can be very harmful for your skin. Your body operates best when it has steady cycles, when it knows what to expect. Too much sleep can cause pillow marks which in turn can cause more wrinkles, coarser skin and even accelerate your skin’s aging process. Bottom line, even though it’s hard, and your bed is right in front of you every day all day, you should go to bed and rise on regular hours. It’ll also do good for those quarantine blues. 


Sleep in regular hours
Sleeping is good for your skin, but maintain regular hours


Let Vitamin D in 

There’s no doubt that too much sun is terrible for your skin, UV rays are after all, one of the main causes for fatal skin diseases. However, the sun is also a source for the much-necessary vitamin D your skin requires. Vitamin D is crucial for the healthy creation and regeneration of new skin cells. Plus, it has been proven that solutions containing variants of vitamin D are extremely effective in reducing skin inflammation and irritation, especially in people suffering from psoriasis. In short, you should find ways to make up for the lack of exposure, which might be causing your skin to lose its vitamin D. To up your vitamin D intake, make sure to eat fortified foods and foods that naturally contain vitamin D (mostly different types of fish). 


Take more Vitamin D
vitamin D is effective in reducing skin inflammation and irritation


Locking Down Your Quarantine Facial Treatment 

These times can be rather troubling and stressful for some, which of course, can have a huge impact on your skin. De-stressing and trying to stick to a routine is the possibly the best thing you can do for your body, skin, and soul. 


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