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Your skincare routine

How to Incorporate Particle’s Products in Your Skincare Routine

Grace Michaeli

Whether you’re a newbie skin groomer or a full-on exfoliation expert, you might be wondering how Particle’s products can become a part of your skincare routine. As you may know, men and women’s skin are very different – which is why they require products that take into consideration these differences. Which is exactly what Particle does; the solutions Particle offers consider the fact that men’s skin is 20% thicker than women’s and that men’s skin tends to be drier. 


Taking those considerations in mind, Particle’s products were created for simple use that wouldn’t require too much work. If you’re still wondering how and why, here’s our short guide for using Particle’s products and receiving maximum results. Easy as 1-2-3! 


Different skincare routine
Men’s skin is 20% thicker than wome


The Best SoLotion for Your Skin 

Dermatological researchers claim that using a moisturizer, or face cream is one of the first steps to keep your skin safe and healthy. The cream functions like a protective layer, and keeps the skin moist and nourished throughout the day. Application should indeed be daily, and the product you choose should be as suitable as possible to your skin type. In other words, face cream is the very basic first step you should take when it comes to your facial skin. 


Usually, the safest and most replenishing products are those which are based on natural ingredients. Substances such as natural oils (Jojoba oil, shea butter and Squalane oil specifically in Particle’s face cream), crucial vitamins and other natural ingredients, are essential to any quality skincare product. They ensure that the skin gets exactly what it needs, stays moist and fresh while maintaining the skin’s health. 


When it comes to Particle’s face cream, the combination of ingredients strived to achieve several things that are important to men in particular. For instance, Particle’s face cream soothes the skin after shaving and takes into considering possible scrapes, related rashes and burns. Furthermore, knowing the men’s skin can get easily hydrated, the face mask ensures that the moisture remains trapped under the skin. Just apply the cream twice a day and you’re all good to go! 


Natural ingerdients
The most replenishing products are based on natural ingredients.


Time to Soap Down 

Maintaining your skin clean is perhaps one of the best ways to keep your skin healthy. Why, you ask. Because healthy skin has an impact on your overall well being. Plus, well-treated skin is less likely to suffer from acne breakouts, skin diseases and other blemishes. But as you well know, there is a correct way and a wrong way to do anything; even a simple action like cleaning your skin. 


One of the key issues to this is choosing a face wash that will work for your skin, and not against it. For instance, face washes with harsh chemicals that are meant to completely remove your facial grease, are often extremely harmful. Our skin produces natural sebum, some of which is healthy for our skin. The face wash you choose should be able to maintain the healthy balance of natural oil, all while removing any excess. 


Particle’s face wash takes that delicate balance into consideration and using a healthy mix of natural and soothing ingredients, it offers a true and useful solution. The face wash cleanser should be used with warm water, applied in gentle and circular movements, and rinsed off. The best thing about it is that it kills dangerous bacteria while maintaining the skin fresh and clean. 


The right way
There is a correct way and a wrong way to do anything, even cleaning your skin


The Right Mask for the Task 

Have we mentioned that treating your skin properly can also prevent liver spots, sun burns, acne-related scars and even soothe a great number of inflammations and irritations? Well, every now and then, in addition to your regular skincare routine (which now comprises a nourishing face cream and face wash) you have to give your skin a little something extra. 


Face masks are usually the answer if you need a boost. They’re known to be useful in removing dirt, oil and other impurities; essentially cleansing your skin. The most popular and effective type of masks are those based on Bentonite clay. The clay is great for absorbing oil, replenishing and rejuvenating dry skin and even protecting it if it’s acne-prone. By using a face mask, you’re giving your skin a deeper cleanse while it firms and tightens. 


It should be noted that masks are not to be used regularly, but as an additional treat for your skin. With Particle’s deep cleansing face mask you’re also getting an enriching touch thanks to the Dead Sea minerals, which are well-known thanks to their therapeutic benefits. The mask provides a full skin-detox experience that not only draws out skin dirt, but also reduces pore visibility – making your skin silky smooth, and let us not forget; healthy and younger! 

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