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How Many Cologne Sprays Should You Wear? How To Apply Your Cologne

Brian Melville

Over the years, surveys have shown that more than 50% of American men wear cologne on a daily basis. Many of them put on a men’s fragrance each morning in an attempt to make themselves smell fresh.

But unfortunately, not all men know how to wear cologne. At least some of them will use one cologne spray too many and overpower those around them because of it.

So, how many cologne sprays should you wear when you decide to put on a men’s fragrance? We’re going to try to answer that question in this article.

We’re also going to touch on where to spray cologne, when to do it, and more. Here is just about everything you need to know about how much cologne you should be wearing.

How Many Cologne Sprays Should You Wear?

The answer to the question, “How many cologne sprays should you wear?”, can be a little tricky to answer. The truth is that it really all depends on a bunch of different factors.

Everything from the type of cologne you wear to where you’re going after putting cologne on can impact how much cologne you should wear. But generally speaking, three to four cologne sprays should do the trick.

If you wear more cologne than that, it could have an adverse effect on those around you. If you wear less cologne than that, it could lead to no one being able to smell the scent you put on.

More often than not, it’s going to take some trial and error on your part to find the sweet spot when it comes to how much cologne you should put on. But going with three to four sprays will be a great place to start.

What Might Happen If You Spray Too Much Cologne?

It’s very important for you to avoid wearing too much cologne at all costs. You could very well make those around you feel uncomfortable if you put on more cologne than you should in the morning.

When you wear too much cologne, it can lead to your scent overpowering every space you’re in. When you, say, step into an elevator, you’ll be the only thing that people smell, and that won’t necessarily be a good thing. It’ll leave them wondering why you went so heavy on the cologne.

You might also cause other people to suffer from headaches and possibly even allergic reactions if you put on too much cologne. For each of these reasons, you should steer clear of spraying too much cologne on your body.

Where Should You Spray Cologne?

While it’s important for you to put on the right amount of cologne when you wear a men’s fragrance, it’s just as important for you to know where to spray cologne on your body. In fact, you could argue that this is even more important than how many cologne sprays you use.

First and foremost, you don’t ever want to spray cologne on your clothes. Your cologne won’t be as potent when you put it on your clothes as opposed to applying it directly to your skin.

Instead, you’ll want to spray cologne onto your skin so that your body heat is able to activate the cologne and make it smell stronger than it would otherwise. You’ll also want to try to hit a few specific parts of your body with cologne to make it as potent as you’d like.

You will ideally want to aim for a few key pulse points, which are parts of your body that produce more body heat than others. These pulse points will include your wrists, armpits, and neck.

How Should You Spray Cologne?

If you happened to catch the recent Sebastian Maniscalco movie, About My Father, you no doubt noticed that Maniscalco’s character in the movie used a very interesting method when putting on cologne. He would spray a bottle of cologne a bunch of times in front of himself and then walk through it to soak it all up.

Doing this might make putting on cologne more fun. But it is not the most effective way to get your “signature scent” as Maniscalco referred to it in the movie all over yourself.

You’ll be so much better off spraying cologne on your skin versus spraying it and then walking through it. It’ll make it more potent and consistent overall.

When Should You Spray Cologne?

Some men will take a shower, dry off, get dressed, put their shoes on, do whatever else they need to do to get ready, and then spray cologne. If possible, you should push spraying cologne up in the process so that you’re able to put it on right after you’re finished showering.

Why? Well, when you jump out of a hot shower, your skin’s pores will be wide open. As a result, you’ll be able to “lock in” the scent from a men’s fragrance by applying cologne to your skin right after you’re finished showering.

By doing this, you can make your cologne smell stronger for longer. It’s a good idea to try to get cologne on your body before your skin’s pores close back up after a shower if you can.

How Long Should Cologne Last After You Spray It?

After you apply cologne, you shouldn’t have to worry about putting it on again until at least the following day. Most colognes will last for between 4 and 8 hours.

But there are some higher-end colognes, like Particle Gravité, that can last a lot longer than that. You might be able to get over 12 hours out of a cologne like this without having to reapply it.

That being said, the amount of time that a cologne lasts will have to do with more than just which cologne you put on. The temperature outside, the approach you took to spraying cologne on your skin, and even your body chemistry can all impact how long a cologne’s scent will linger.

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