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How Can Your Skin Benefit from Exercise

How Can Your Skin Benefit from Exercise? 

Grace Michaeli

You really don’t need us telling you how important exercise is; it can help keep your body toned and fit, reduce risk of different diseases, balance blood pressure, boost general mood and mental health, improve your sleep, and some may say, even increase your life expectancy. With so many benefits, it’s hard to think why anyone wouldn’t engage in some form of work out. But if you’re still unconvinced, here’s yet another benefit: exercising is great for your skin! 


You might be wondering how is that even possible, considering exercise induces sweat which can have rather harmful effects on your skin. So, here’s a short guide to how can your skin benefit from exercise. Plus, some useful tips on how to make sure that your type of exercise doesn’t actually harm your skin. Let’s work this out! 


Improving skin
A good blood flow will improve your skin’s appearance


Get that Blood Flowing 

Having a good blood flow can mean a great number of things for your health. A good flow will maintain the level of oxygen in your body, allow your organs to function properly, and improve your general health. When it comes to your skin, a good blood flow will not only improve your skin’s appearance, it will also boost its well-being. A healthy blood circulation is crucial for transporting nutrients to different skin cells as well as flushing out all the waste. 


Exercising just happens to be one of the many ways in which you can improve your blood circulation. The process is rather simple, by exercising you’ll be encouraging your heart to contract faster, and a result, your blood will flow faster. It’s as simple as that. In turn, this would mean that you are actively detoxifying and cleansing your skin in the most natural way possible – keeping your skin cell renewal at a maximum. 


Good exercise
The sweat pushes out all the toxins harming your body


The Good Kind of Sweat

We know that we spoke of the negative aspects of sweat, but you’d be surprised that sweat can be good for you. With the increase of your blood circulation, it also pushes out all the toxins harming your body. By doing so, sweat detoxifies your body, flushing out a great number of bacteria that may cause impurities and different breakouts. As such, one of the benefits of increasing your blood circulation is a faster rejuvenation of skin cells. 


Some people may wonder what’s the difference between sweating out in a sauna or a sweat-lodge and sweating during an exercise. Well, the two have distinctive advantages and promote different bodily processes. The latter is the result of exercise and the acceleration of the blood circulation, and is therefore, more beneficial for your skin. Bottom line? Sweating it out is actually a thing, and while sticky and wet, can be great for the detoxification of your skin. 


Sweating is good
Sweat can assist in fighting signs of aging


Flex your Skin 

It’s true that certain types of work out increase your flexibility, but did you know that working out can also have a crucial impact on your natural product of collagen and as a result make your skin more elastic and supple. Studies have shown that people who have started training in earlier ages, usually had a better complexion. This is tied to the increased blood circulation and the promotion of natural nutrients and vitamin production. 


In fact, there are current studies that suggest the sweat your body secrets during workout can assist in fighting signs of aging. Thus, exercise can have a substantial impact on the formation of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. By working out, you can not only improve your overall health and boost the circulation and function of your organs, you can also turn back time and enjoy anti-aging benefits. 


Bonus: How to Exercise Without Hurting Your Skin 

As we have established that exercise is definitely a positive thing for your skin, there are a couple of pointers that you should keep in mind for the next time you hit the track. 

  • Remember to drink as much as possible. While sweating flushes out toxins, it also secrets water, which is essential for your skin. If you don’t drink enough while exercising your skin might dehydrate. 
  • As you wipe that sweat away, make sure that you use a clean towel rather than using the same cloth to wipe over and over again. Sweat contains bacteria, and instead of wiping it off, you’re repeatedly reintroducing the dirt to your skin – causing breakouts and impurities. 
  • Last but not least, you might want to exercise outside, which is perfectly natural. Just be careful not to exercise for too long in the sun, or without proper protection. It’s a good thing that you’re working out for your skin, but on the other hand, burning it can have severe repercussions. 


The most important takeaway from this is that there are many things you can do to replenish and improve the health of your skin – surprisingly enough, exercising is one of them. So, now, no more excuses; time to hit that gym and flex your skin! 


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