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An In-depth Guide To Understanding Eau de Parfum vs Eau de Toilette

Brian Melville

What if one simple change could transform your entire life?

Right now, the perfume industry in America is projected to grow to a value of $43.2 billion by 2028. The reason is simple: more and more people are discovering that improving their scent gives them greater confidence and style.

Those who are new to fragrance, though, often have questions about these products. The biggest question: what is eau de parfum and what is eau de toilette?

We put together this in-depth guide for anyone wishing to understand eau de parfum vs eau de toilette. Keep reading to discover the differences as well as which one is the best value for your money!

What Is Eau de Parfum?

Eau de parfum is a term that translates as “perfume water.” In the world of perfume, this is the purer kind and contains at least 15% essential oils.

Over the years, some very famous faces have been fans of eau de parfum. One of its biggest fans was Princess Diana, who loved her Hermès fragrances. This goes to show that, when it comes to eau de parfum vs eau de toilette, the former is good enough for royalty!

In order to better understand the difference between eau de parfum and eau de toilette, it’s important to understand what eau de toilette really is.

What Is Eau de Toilette?

Eau de toilette is a term that translates as “water of the toilette.” In this case, the term “toilette” refers to the French term for getting ready in the morning.

As with eau de parfum, eau de toilette is designed to improve your overall fragrance. However, it is generally considered a lesser product than eau de parfum is.

For example, eau de toilette only has to contain a minimum of 10% essential oils. Some people prefer the somewhat lighter fragrance whereas others prefer eau de parfum for its greater concentration of essential oils.

What is the Difference Between Eau de Parfum vs Eau de Toilette?

Our eau de parfum vs eau de toilette guide has already covered the primary differences between these two fragrances. Specifically, the former has a minimum concentration of essential oils of 15% and the latter has a minimum concentration of essential oils of 10%.

Another difference concerns the alcohol content of these products. Eau de parfum contains more alcohol and eau de toilette contains less alcohol.

Both the alcohol content and the essential oil content affect how long each fragrance lasts. They also affect the “intensity” of how the fragrance smells. And your own fragrance needs (including the perfume notes you prefer) may determine which one you decide to use.

Which One Lasts Longer?

Between eau de toilette vs eau de parfum, the latter lasts longer. This is due to eau de parfum containing a greater concentration of alcohol and essential oils.

When it comes to these fragrances, the primary factor determining how long they last is evaporation. Once you put the fragrance on your skin, it begins to evaporate. The longer it takes to evaporate, the longer the scent is going to last.

Eau de parfum may last up to eight hours depending on many factors, including individual skin and the environment. Compared to that, eau de toilette generally lasts for six hours or less.

Which One Offers Better Value?

At a glance, some consumers prefer eau de toilette because it is cheaper. And if you are on a budget, it may be your best choice. Otherwise, though, eau de parfum products such as Gravitè cologne for men offer a much better value for your money.

For one thing, the sheer fact that eau de parfum lasts longer than eau de toilette means it is of greater value. When you need to smell good all day, it’s always better to go with a scent that is going to last longer.

On top of that, eau de parfum offers a stronger smell than eau de toilette. While you never want to go overboard on a scent, this means you can use less of it to get the desired results. In other words, your eau de parfum is going to last longer, making it a solid investment in your smell.

Is Eau de Parfum Designed for Men or Women?

Eau de parfum is considered a genderless fragrance. While it is sometimes associated with women thanks to prominent celebs such as Princess Diana using it, eau de parfum is a perfect choice for men as well as women.

In fact, men who decide to start taking their grooming seriously often prefer eau de parfum as a more efficient choice. The fact that it is stronger and lasts longer means that it is a better value than eau de toilette.

This is important because, simply put, your time is valuable. Why keep buying more eau de toilette when you can get eau de parfum that lasts a good, long time?

The Importance of Finding the Right Brand

Once you’ve decided to use eau de parfum, the hard part begins. Now, it’s time for you to find the best brand for both your budget and your skin.

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