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A Classy Man Takes After His Mother… Especially When it Comes to His Skin

Brianna Ahlmark

Sure, perhaps you’ve got a killer stock market portfolio. But what ungodly portfolio is in your bathroom cabinet? I’ve not a clue who taught you how to chop wood and sand down a deck (idk, is this what men do?) – your mother or your father. However, I’ll confidently assume you have not taken full stock of your mother’s exfoliation routine. And you should know it does not involve sandpaper.


To save you the phone call, (because, yes, you should call her- but not right now because that could take an extra thirty minutes you weren’t expecting to discuss fall décor at Anthropology. Your skin has been waiting for thirty years) I will give you a simplified run-down of some do’s and don’ts regarding proper exfoliation.


There are a lot of tools I’ve noticed are popularly marketed to consumers when it comes to getting gritty. But no one explains them!!! Like cleansing beads? What are those? And should you be using a brush? What was wrong with our hands?


The science behind exfoliation comes down to two different methods: Chemical and Physical. A chemical exfoliant, like the Glycolic Acid found in Particle’s Face Wash Cleanser, is CRUCIAL for breaking into your thick- a**  male skin, and breaking up the dead cells. And it’s what I use. I am a hot young female with glowing skin and it’s the only acid I swear to. A physical exfoliant, however, is the brush or beads I’m referring to that might actually mar your face if you go to hard. *Remember: a good exfoliation is like good sex- rough enough to really get in there, and just gentle enough to leave you feeling taken care of in the process.


Myself, I like to use both a chemical and physical exfoliant! A gentle brush should do the trick to wipe off any grime your manly hands won’t smooth away, and the glycolic acid will go the extra mile to really get into the trenches. As a woman who only wants to look out for your skin should you care enough to read this (go you), I can say I give an A+ to Particle for including plant-based formulas like allantoin, panthenol, and aloe vera that seek to nurture your skin while cleansing.


Particle Face Wash Exfoliant


So there you have it. This is the stuff that’s been lurking in your skincare-conscious mother’s bathroom cabinet. This is what makes women glow when we lack the November beards to cover our imperfections. Take stock, gentlemen!


Check out Particle’s Face Wash

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