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Time to treat the skin around your eyes

7 Ways to Treat the Skin Around Your Eyes

Grace Michaeli

Your eyes are not only the windows to your soul, they are also the most delicate part of your face and require extra care. Blinking, crying, squinting and tearing are just some of things your eyes go through on a daily basis. It therefore comes as no surprise that they tire quite quickly. Plus, the skin around your eyes is the thinnest in your body. This basically means that all those emotions you’ve expressed with your eyes throughout the day (and of course, throughout the years), form wrinkles very easily. The result? Crow’s feet, droopy eyelids and bags under the eyes. 


All these, aside from being problematic in themselves, are most likely making you look much older than you really are. Furthermore, in the long run, they affect your skin’s health poorly. So it’s always best to start taking care of that sensitive skin before the damage is done. Which is why we have gathered some of the best tricks in the book, all you need to do is keep your eyes on the prize! 


Tea for the Soul Can Treat the Skin Around Your Eyes


If you’re struggling with saggy or even puffy eyelids, one of the most popular and easiest tips is to apply tea bags (cooled ones) on your eyes. In fact, this method has been proven useful to treating a wide array of eye-related conditions, including but not limited to black circles, styes, conjunctivitis, black eye and others. Use unbleached tea bags, and preferably, teas that contain caffeine (as they serve as great antioxidants). 


Teabag for the eyes
Apply tea bags on your eyes



Add Another Exercise 


Sometimes, the best way to handle saggy eyelids, is like with any other saggy body part – exercise! Yes, a workout for your eyelids. Now, this may seem odd at first, but studies suggest that stimulating the muscles could help reduce droopiness. The best way to do so is by applying mild pressure to the area using your fingers. You could gently massage your eyelids, or even try opening your eyes wide for a few seconds. As long as you move those eyelids steadily, you’re good. 


Treat the skin around your eyes
Stimulating the muscles could help reduce droopiness



Get Some Shut-Eye


Black circles? Perhaps red eyes? Swollen eyes? If any of these sound familiar, you may have the same condition as one third of the population; sleep deprivation. According to recent research, 1 in 3 adults lack hours of sleep. Naturally, this has a long list of negative affects to your general health, one of which is a clear impact on your eyes. In short, maybe you should simply add a couple of hours of sleep to relax those eyes and the skin around them. 


Get some more sleep
Add a couple of hours of sleep to relax those eyes



Sun in Your Eyes 


You’ve probably heard this quite a lot, but catching those rays isn’t doing your skin any favors. It’s even worse when it comes to your eyes. Since the skin around them is thinner and much more sensitive, it’s prone to burning, wrinkling and even contracting skin-related diseases. Whether you’re tanning on the beach or in a sunbed, make sure to cover your eyes and protect them from UV exposure and potential damage. 


Use sunglasses
Make sure to cover your eyes and protect them





Applying a moisturizing face cream is a must when it comes to a steady skincare routine, one that would protect your eyes, too. When your skin dehydrates, it loses its elasticity. Now imagine what happens to that delicate skin tissue around your eyes. That’s right, it becomes dry and suddenly, you can see all those fine lines and wrinkles you’ve been avoiding. However, as long as you apply that nourishing face cream you can easily treat any signs of aging coming your way! 


Use cream
When your skin dehydrates, it loses its elasticity



Not One Dry Eye


Dehydration (as you’ve read in the previous tip) is probably one of the most harmful things that could happen to the skin around your eyes. First and foremost, by upping your water intake you improve your blood circulation, which is one of the main causes for puffy eyes. Moreover, drinking the recommended 8 cups a day will help keep your skin hydrated and prevent wrinkling. If you tend to forget, you could set up a timer or an app. 


Drink water
8 cups a day will help keep your skin hydrated and prevent wrinkling



An Icy Gaze 


Another great way to treat puffy or red eyes, is simply by cooling them down with cold compresses. While warm compresses are used for treating different conditions, cool ones can be used to soothe irritated and swollen eyelids. You can use a clean cloth, dip it in ice water, and apply gently to your eyes. Make sure you don’t rub them, especially if you’re suffering from redness and itchiness. You can also rinse your eyes with icy water for a similar effect. In any case, wash your hands thoroughly before placing them anywhere near your eyes. 


Cold as ice
Use a clean cloth and dip it in ice water


Don’t Turn a Blind Eye 

When it comes to your skin’s health, it’s best not to leave things for the last moment. In fact, the sooner you start treating, the more chances you have to protect and improve your skin’s appearance and health. This becomes even more crucial when it comes to the skin around your eyes. Treat, soothe and pay close attention – keep that sparkle in and around your eyes!  


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