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How to deal with skin allergies

5 Tips to Treat and Prevent Skin Allergies

Grace Michaeli

Springtime is in the air! No, literally, dust and pollen are everywhere, in the air, in the eyes, and even in your hair. Now, that may be good news for some, but for those of us who suffer from allergies, this could be a complete nightmare. You may not know this if you’re one of those lucky people who haven’t had to battle their allergies, but this irritating condition (aside from being rarely life threatening) can affect anything from your eyes, to your sinuses, can cause sneezing and of course, skin irritation. Usually, non-threatening skin allergies can appear as rashes and bumpy skin patches. They can be offset by a great number of factors, but usually are caused by local and direct contact. 


Sometimes, it’s hard to determine the trigger since the allergy can flare up even hours after the exposure to the allergen. The most important thing you can do, is minimize the exposure and of course, monitor the items that contact your skin. Since your facial skin is the most sensitive, it should be top priority. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves; detecting the source for your allergy can take quite some time. But treating it? That should be immediate and easy. Which is why we’ve gathered here a handy tip list that will help you soothe your skin and prevent any long-term effects. 


Cooling down skin allergies
Cooling your skin down could offer immediate relief



Cool Down 


Other than the obvious advice, here’s a simple and user-friendly tip. Dip a clean and soft towel in cool water and then use it as a compress on the affected area. You could also use a thin cloth and an ice pack, the cloth is there to prevent frost bites, as extreme cold could actually only further irritate your skin. Cooling your skin down could offer immediate relief if your skin is burning up and itching. This is also a great technique if you’re suffering from eye allergies, too. 



Go on the Defense 


Sometimes, the best thing to do is focus on prevention. One of the best ways to do just that, is use hypoallergenic detergents and soaps; basically, any substance that contacts your skin. This also applies to the facial wash and cream you use. Make sure that all these are non-chemical, don’t include dyes and are generally mild and include natural ingredients that are meant to calm the skin. 


Use soaps for your skin
Use hypoallergenic detergents and soaps to prevent the allergies



Skin Allergies? Wash it off 


Obviously, skin allergies cannot be washed off. But by taking a warm shower you might be removing the allergen that is currently flaring up your allergy. It’s important to note that you should use lukewarm water, rather than hot water since it could irritate the skin and make things even worse. Moreover, if your allergy is also affecting your sinuses, the steam in the shower could clear them up – a double win. 



All You Need is… a Moisturizer! 


Rashes and irritated skin in general, have the tendency to become extremely dry, and as a result become even itchier and at times, people may even suffer from scaling and cracking. A good moisturizing cream, can help nourish the skin and even reduce irritation after shaving (which has been proven to be one of the many triggers for facial skin allergies). Furthermore, through a regular use of such creams, you could form a protective film, minimizing the contact any allergen may have with your skin. 


After shaving
A good moisturizing cream will reduce irritation after shaving



Cover it Up


Now this may seem slightly unorthodox, but oatmeal is one of the most popular ways to treat allergic reactions. As it is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory components, it is one of the most useful solutions. People either take an oatmeal bath or create a poultice. This is a simple way for immediate relief. 


It should be noted that allergies can be dangerous if they go untreated. Furthermore, if you’ve tried treating the allergy by yourself and it keeps flaring up, it’s always a good idea to see a doctor. Assuming that your allergies are manageable (like most), these tips can come in real handy. So this spring, don’t let your nose do more running than you! 

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