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5 Reasons Why Particle is the Most Innovative Product for Men Today

Dana Berger

Whether you’re suffering from acne,dry skin, regular shaving sensitivities and cuts or a simple case of expression wrinkles, there’s a good chance that you should adapt a skin care routine. In case you already have one, perhaps it’s time to adjust it, especially when you hit your 30’s. It is no secret that for many years, men skin care was a highly neglected topic. Which is also why cosmetic companies have targeted women, leading the women’s skin care market to overflow. 


However, it appears that with recent health care changing trends, high social media exposure and awareness to male grooming – men’s skin care is no longer left behind in the race. Male cosmetics and different grooming products are a constantly growing industry expected to be worth 29.14 billion dollars by 2024, which would be a 67% growth over a period of 10 years, since 2014. As the market expands and develops, so does the supply and variety of products grow. 


This growth is one that Particle had anticipated, therefore, creating an anti-aging solution that would bring men’s skin care into the future. You may be wondering, just why Particle is any different than other products available for men, here’s just some of the many reasons: 



Particle was in fact engineered by leading biochemists, who created a formula that would suit men’s skin. Why is this important? well, studies show that men and women have very different skin. It would only make sense that skin care for men wasn’t just addressed for men, it would also be created especially for them.  



It is only fitting for a premium formula to have the best and most nourishing ingredients. Jojoba oil? Shea butter? Dead Sea minerals? you name it. These hand picked ingredients are all perfectly balanced in Particle’s cutting edge and anti-aging solution. 


6 in 1 

Having a 6 in 1 product is definitely where the future is heading. We are surrounded by products and items that give us the full experience, and are therefore cost and time effective. Hydrating, moisturizing and soothing; your skin care should be easily incorporated into your daily routine, and give you everything you need for less. 



The fact that Particle is a 6 in 1 and carefully-designed formula, also means that it is also suitable, safe to use and effective for any skin type. And since it meshes so well with every type of skin, it also works with any type of sunscreen product.  



But the bottom line, perhaps, is the results. Though it slightly depends on your skin type and regular daily use (a thin layer, morning and night after rinsing your face), you will see Particle results within two to three weeks. But the best part? others will see the change too.  

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