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5 Anti-Aging Tips for Younger Looking Skin 

5 Anti-Aging Tips for Younger Looking Skin 

Grace Michaeli

While it’s true that what matters is on the inside, if you feel young at heart, you probably want to appear youthful on the outside too. Ideally, we’d all want to age slower, but if we can’t have that, we should at the very least be able to prevent the signs of aging. Your actions, habits, and lifestyle all have a huge impact on how young you look and feel. To help you make smart choices and treat your skin the right way, we’ve gathered the best and easiest-to-follow anti-aging tips. So, without further ado (we aren’t getting any younger here) here are our 5 top tips. 



For Anti-Aging The Sooner the Better 


The aging process starts way sooner than you think. According to research, the skin’s aging process generally starts in your 20’s. Your skin’s health until that very point (sun exposure, oily skin, dehydrations, etc.)  can determine if the process will start in your early 20’s or later. That’s why you should start considering skincare as early as possible. Don’t wait for those dark spots on your skin, or that alarming hint of crow’s feet at the tip of your eye. Be prepared. 


While we know that this isn’t one of those tips that give you immediate results, prevention is always better than having a quick fix. Make sure that you pick a quality face cream and use it twice a day. You’ll see the difference in no time, and won’t believe how replenished your skin will be. 


For Anti-Aging The Sooner the Better 
Consider skincare as early as possible



Don’t Lose Sleep Over It 


And we mean that quite literally. As it would seem, sleeping the recommended number of hours, which is 6-9 hours a night, is crucial for anti-aging and for your skin’s vivacity. Studies have shown that sleeping an inadequate number of hours can hinder your skin’s natural renewal and rejuvenation process. 


In your sleep, your skin produces collagen, which maintains your skin’s elasticity and anti-aging. Plus, those sleeping hours help regulate your blood circulation and allow your body to flush out harmful toxins in the most natural way possible. Of course, the result would be fewer wrinkles, and healthy skin that is less prone to sagginess. 


Sleeping and anti-aging
Sleeping an inadequate number of hours can hinder your skin’s natural renewal



Work it Out 


After you’ve got a proper good night’s sleep, it’s time that you crank up the heat and hit the track or the gym. By working out, you can improve your blood circulation, increase the oxygen level in your body, but more importantly, keep a soft and healthy looking skin. In fact, according to certain studies, people who have started working out at an earlier age, often had a better complexion and more elastic and supple skin. Plus, your improved blood flow will generate a faster cell rejuvenation process, which essentially means that your skin would be able to repair itself more efficiently and fight off signs of aging. 


Go to the gym
Working out will help you keep a soft and healthy



(What) to Eat or Not to Eat 


Collages is that much needed protein that maintains your skin’s structure and youthful appearance. Though our body produces it naturally, as the years pass, production decreases and so does our skin’s elasticity. You could consider taking supplements, but why go there when some of the most delicious foods can give you that extra boost of collagen. 


For instance, citrus fruits induce the production of pro-collagen, which basically stimulates natural collagen production. Other foods you should consider adding to your diet are berries, which similarly to citrus fruits, are packed with vitamin C, tomatoes (for the same reason) and bell peppers. Last but not least, if you’re going to snack, choose cashews, since they’re rich with zinc that is known to promote collagen creation. 


Choose your foods
You could consider taking supplements, but why go there?



Choose Your Battles – Smoking and Alcohol 


If you’re going for healthier and younger looking skin, you have to choose your battles. Smoking and alcohol have been shown to accelerate the skin’s aging process. Research suggests that both habits dehydrate the skin, deepen existing wrinkles, and even induce pattern balding in men. 


Smoking deprives the skin of its oxygen and exposes it to toxins, creating a pale skin complexion. And if that’s not bad enough, the collagen your body just produced thanks to those natural foods you’ve added to your diet, is ruined by tobacco. When it comes to your skin, however, alcohol is the lesser of two evils. Though it does dehydrate your skin, a glass of red wine every now and then offers a boost of antioxidants and can even have a beneficial effect. 


It’s all about the choices you make, and the lifestyle habits you choose to adopt. By applying these tips, we might not be able to turn back time, but we can sure try to prevent the ‘little gifts’ it leaves behind. 


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