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10 Bad Health Habits That Will Make You Look Older Than Your Age

Michael Owen

Your skin is your largest organ. And it’s one that does a lot of work for your body. Your skin helps block out harmful rays and toxins, helps tell you when things are hot and cold and lets you experience the sense of touch each day. So with all these wonderful things your skin does for you on the daily, why are you still treating it so bad? Let’s talk about 10 bad health habits that are causing your skin to age quicker than you want.


1 – Skimping on Sunblock

When the 1960s rolled around, scientists began to notice that the sun was causing UV damage to the skin and at a really fast rate. What we know today is that there’s no quicker way to age your face than to skip the sunblock. Since most of us do try to apply the sunscreen when we’re at the lake or the beach or out on the boat, many of us still forget to reapply after the first initial dose. This can lead to as much sun damage as if you never put any on in the first place. Make sure to read the label and apply as many times as necessary to protect yourself. Wearing a daily sunscreen can also vastly help your chances of looking younger.


2 – Washing with Soap and Water

Admit it. You’re still washing your face and body with the same harsh soap, right? It’s one of the most common bad habits. Though it may seem easy, the harsher soaps that are meant for your body can strip your face of moisture leading to really dry skin.


3 – Sneaking Those Smokes

We know you know that it’s not good for any part of your body when you’re smoking. Smoking can be very drying to your skin and the chemicals released can harm the restorative processes that keep you skin looking plump. If you are seeing wrinkles and fine lines already, put the packs down to prevent further skin damage.


4 – Too Much Sugar, Sugar

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing and the same goes for sugar, coffee and chocolate. Though deliciously wonderful and fine in moderation, too much sugar can cause ebbs and flows in your hormone levels which can lead to a greater number of breakouts.


5 – Slacking on Sleep  

To reap the benefits of flawless skin, you need to be getting enough sleep. Make sure to get the recommended 8-10 hours per night. But the amount of sleep isn’t nearly as important as your sleep quality. You should sleep like a bat in a cave. Turn off all stimulating lights about an hour before bed. Try to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time and eliminate anything from your room that could be a distraction.


6 – Becoming a Sloth

We know it can be hard to squeeze in exercise each day but doing so can help your skin by promoting blood flow and keeping all of your systems working well. Plus, all that sweating helps rid your body of toxins and other waste products.


7 – Popping Bottles … And Pimples

The less you pop anything the better. Let’s start with the bottles. All those beers at the ballgame can have a dehydrating effect on the body. Too much can cause your skin to lack the water and hydration it needs to look great. Limit your alcohol intake and drink plenty of water to compensate. Popping pimples can also be harmful to your skin by introducing unwanted bacteria into your pores. Popping can also cause redness and irritation and keep you from looking your best.


8 – Rubbing Your Eyes

Giving your eyes a rub many times a day can damage the delicate skin around your eyes. When it comes to skin thickness, the skin around your eyes is very thin in comparison to the rest of the skin on your body and it can damage easily. This damage can lead to puffy eyes, fine lines and wrinkles.


9 – Phone Failures

Your phone is gross. It’s seriously a hub for all sorts of interesting bacteria. So then when you touch your phone and then touch your face or when you touch your phone to your face, you’re giving your phone bacteria a nice place to grow. Make sure to disinfect your phone weekly. Another phone fail occurs when you spend all your time looking down at the screen, this can cause wrinkles to form from the repetitive motions. Limit your phone time and do plenty of neck stretches throughout the day.


10 – Forgetting To Moisturize

One of the most important things you can do for your skin is to use a daily moisturizer to hydrate and freshen your skin. A great moisturizer can keep your face looking plump, healthy and younger. If you aren’t using a moisturizer, you’ll want to use Particles all-in-one product to give your skin everything you need to look great.


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