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Why We Decided to Create a Skincare Solution for Men


We were born out of a necessity to create a product that would better the lives of men. We saw that our demographic was being fiercely underrepresented and we knew we needed to help men have choices in the beauty realm that was simply neglecting them. Here’s our story and a glimpse and why we do exactly what we do and how we do it all for you.


One Awkward Day

It probably started the same way it started for you. We were in our early 30s and 40s and we began to notice the signs of aging on our face. We knew we needed to do something about our fine lines but we really didn’t know where to start. Fast-forward to us standing in the aisle at the drugstore. Suddenly we felt uncomfortable. We were surrounded by beauty products but none of them looked like something we needed. Were we in the female aisle? Why was everything pink? Can’t we find anything that doesn’t smell like a flower? How much is that? We need to buy how many of those? The saleswoman was there and she was selling but she wasn’t understanding what we needed or even how to sell us a product that wasn’t really made for us. There were so many options and we had no clue what to pick. And the prices were absolutely crazy. Some of the products were hundreds of dollars. We knew we needed to do something. We needed to help our fellow men out so they wouldn’t be standing in the aisles feeling as clueless as we did. Thus, Particle was born.


The Particle Promise

After our own awkward experience, we began creating a product that would work perfectly for a man’s busy schedule. We promised to make a product that wasn’t complicated and could come in one solid comfortable price. We wanted to be direct, give you no BS and get rid of all the ingredient and marketing mumbo jumbo that gets in the way of what you really need to treat your skin. We designed Particle to be a one-stop shop packed full of good-for-you ingredients that don’t harm the environment and actually work to hydrate a man’s tough skin.


We’ve Got You Covered

At Particle, we are thrilled to bring you everything you need to care for your skin wrapped up in one complete package at a reasonable price. As soon as you try the product you’ll notice the amazing results on your skin. Everyone around you will notice too. Thankfully, we’ve made it a simple process. No awkward aisle standing required. At Particle, we’ve got you.


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