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One for all – why buying a 6 in 1 product is better for you

Grace Michaeli

In a world filled with endless possibilities and numerous options for every product we need and want – you have the luxury and privilege to make an educated choice about each and every item you buy. The fact is, this vast selection allows you to tailor every aspect of your life to your particular needs. However, the downside to this abundance is that we may often find ourselves struggling to make the best choice, feel overwhelmed and bombarded by what seems to be a countless selection. 


The trick is, trying to maximize the functionality and efficiency of that one product you choose. Opt to get the most you can for less. Your skin care shouldn’t be any different, and perhaps, is one of the most important investments you can make in yourself. 


The modern man is a man who lives in a constant rat-race, curious and hungry for more; more knowledge, more time, better conditions, health and looks. Moisturizers, eye serums, facial scrubs, night masks, anti-aging morning cream and a special lotion just for Christmas – so many options, cost you time and money that can be otherwise spent. This is just one of the many reasons that Particle is the groundbreaking skin care solution that every modern man needs. 


A Cost-Effective Solution

Particle was developed to address not only the specific qualities of men’s skin and skin-care routine, but also to be cost effective. Obviously, by purchasing just one product that can nourish, moisturize and smoothen your skin rather than six different items – you’re saving money (and just as important, you’re being eco-friendly). But other than that, a single bottle of Particle, with proper use, can last up to 3 months. 


Which brings me to my next point, in our hectic reality, no one has time to remember, let alone apply, so many skin care treatments. Was it the serum that needed to be applied twice a day or was it the anti-aging peel? A separate night cream for the eyes and one for the rest of your face? Absolutely not. One of the best things about Particle is that you can easily incorporate it in your new skin care regime, since it requires only one use per day. 


In this one time daily application you will: 

  1. Firm up your facial skin and prevent wrinkles 
  2. Hydrate, moisturize and rejuvenate 
  3. Treat spots and other sun exposure damages 
  4. Relieve the skin after shaving and post-shaving nicks 
  5. Lift and brighten dark eye circles and bags
  6. Nourish and enrich your skin with natural ingredients including Dead Sea minerals


But what truly makes Particle stand out when you try to decide what kind of skin care you need – is the technology. The fact that leading biochemists designed it to take into account not only how different men’s skin structure is, but also assure their unique formula suits any type of skin, and offers a true solution that can fit our modern lifestyle. An all in one solution – one solution for all. 


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