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Glabellar lines and How to Avoid Them

Glabellar Lines and How to Avoid Them

Grace Michaeli

Has anyone ever told you that you frown a lot, though you are definitely positive that you don’t frown that much at all? Do the wrinkles on your face indicate that you have deep thoughts all the time? Have you been called grouchy or grumpy, just because of the lines on your face? Well, congratulations! You are the proud owner of Glabellar lines. But what are they exactly? 

You might know them as ‘Frown Lines’ but the truth is, Glabellar lines and frown lines are quite different. Glabellar lines are horizontal lines that stretch across your forehead. Their depth can range according to your skin type, the skin layer which they have penetrated, and of course, the treatment administered to them. The lines are formed when you furrow your brows and can intersect with other wrinkles. All of which reveal how well you care for your skin but more importantly – make you look older. 


The lines are formed when you furrow your brows and can intersect with other wrinkles.
The lines are formed when you furrow your brows and can intersect with other wrinkles.


Crossing Out the Lines 

While Glabellar lines are horizontal, frown lines are vertical and are located between the eyes and eyebrows. When they intersect, they often deepen as they seep into the dermis, the second layer of the skin. Glabellar lines can also intersect with crow’s feet, which often stretch diagonally upwards. All this is important to note because when lines intersect, the effect might have a dominant impact on your appearance, but it may also affect your treatment options. 

The best option, as is for most wrinkles, is prevention. The most effective way to treat Glabellar lines is by trying to not have any at all. We know this may seem easier said than done, but there are a few things you can do in order to prevent them: 

  • Hydration – keeping your skin and body hydrated will allow you to maintain elastic and youthful skin. 
  • Avoid cigarettes cigarettes are one of the prime causes accelerating the skin’s aging process, which means, deepening those lines. 
  • Eat Well – especially make sure to maintain a diet that is rich in antioxidants and fiber that may increase collagen production, and in turn, improve skin elasticity. 
  • Sunglasses – this goes hand in hand with wearing sunscreen every time you leave the house. But the bottom line is – exposure to the sun dries your skin, which results in deeper and more visible wrinkles. 
  • Moisturize – this leads to our next point; you’d be surprised to find out how far a good moisturizer can go when it comes to Glabellar lines and prevention. 


The best option, as is for most wrinkles, is prevention.
The best option, as is for most wrinkles, is prevention.


Draw the Line at Glabellar Lines 

Aside from the previous tips that concern your lifestyle, adding a high-quality moisturizer should be on the top of your list. Studies have shown that consistent use of a potent moisturizer can infuse your skin with the hydration it needs. They are most effective when used in addition to a rigid skincare routine. That is, you need to protect your skin day in day out. But let’s get you started with a facial cream that actually works. 

Particle’s facial cream contains ingredients that hydrate the skin and ensure that the moisture remains captured under it. In other words, the moisturizer keeps the skin supple and flexible. But the most crucial thing that you need to know is that the cream was created for men. This is important since men are more prone to suffer from Glabellar lines than women. Therefore, having a moisturizer with a formula that actually considers men’s skin structure, targets those types of wrinkles even better. 


Effectively smoothen those Glabellar lines
Effectively smoothen those Glabellar lines


The Bottom Line 

In order to see results and smoothen those Glabellar lines, you need to stick to your new skincare routine. Particle’s facial cream should be used twice a day, once in the morning and once before you go to bed. The cream should be applied in circular movements across the forehead. Plus, if possible, you should opt to sleep on your back since sleep lines can deepen existing crinkles. The bottom line is, that we can help you turn that frown upside down. 

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