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5 Simple Ways For Men to Fight Acne

Grace Michaeli

When it comes to acne, and other similar skin blemishes, the struggle is real. Whether you’ve been fighting acne since your teens years, or had the occasional whitehead, acne affects approximately 85% of people at some point in their lives. In fact, countless studies show that men are more likely to suffer from the phenomenon. For example, according to All About Acne magazine, from puberty and on, men have larger quantities of the androgens hormone (which stimulates the oil production glands), and thus, are more prone to breakouts. 


Assuming you cannot control your skin type, as well as its level of oiliness, what can you do to handle acne, which not only affects your appearance, but also your skin health? Also, if you’ve been dealing with acne for quite some time, you know how invasive and disruptive certain treatments can be. So, to help you spare the pain (and money), we put together a short list of simple and user-friendly ways to fight acne. 


So what can you do to handle acne


Don’t Fight Acne – Prevent It 

So, the best way to fight off any health issue is by preventing it. There are several general causes that affect most people, such as high stress levels, specific foods and even sleep quality. Changing all of these, might seem as easier said than done – however, making minor lifestyle changes, could prevent your acne from flaring up. If it’s stress that you’re battling, there are several things you can do to destress. And when it comes to food, greasy foods, dairy, and more might be the culprits. Last but not least, a lack of sleep can cause a number of health imbalances. Your lifestyle does have a significant impact on your skin health. 



Clean is Always Better 

Needless to say, hygiene and cleanliness is important for fighting off any health issue. Since acne is basically the accumulation of dirt and skin excess, clogging your hair follicles, maintaining your facial hygiene is essential. Be sure to rinse your face twice a day (in the morning and before going to bed) and limit the contact of other items with your facial skin. Yes, that also applies to your fingers. 


Maintaining your facial hygiene is essential


Cleanse, Apply and Repeat 

If prevention is key, then picking up a steady facial treatment routine is a must. There are a great number of facial creams and solutions, however, very few that are actually designed to suit men’s particular skincare needs. Particle, is one of those rare products that have been specially engineered to fit any type of men’s skin, and address a number of issues with a twice-a-day application; most importantly, it will help you fight acne by nourishing and cleansing your skin. 


Drink you Acne Away

Of course, not just any drink; water is the magical solution to most health issues. Dehydration can either cause your skin to dry up, become more irritated and thus flare up more easily, or increase the skin’s oiliness. Both options mean more breakouts for your skin. The recommended amount is of course 8 cups of water a day. 


Fight acne drinking water
Water is the magical solution to most health issues


Shave with Care

For some men, shaving is a daily necessity, but done wrong shaving can be the worse enemy of your acne. There are some things you can do; make sure to use only warm water that would soften your skin, never skip lathering your face properly, use a clean and safe razor, and always shave the right way. While this won’t stop your acne, it can definitely stop your acne from spreading and flaring up. 


Fight Acne
Use a clean and safe razor, and always shave the right way


Since acne is a close to inevitable condition, the best way to fight acne is by actively preventing it. So, before your next breakout, take some of these necessary steps; you’ll thank us later. 

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