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Biotin: Ingredient Highlight

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Brian Melville

Discover How Biotin Is Your One Way Ticket To Stronger, Healthier, Thicker Hair

It’s all too easy to neglect your hair over the winter. You let it grow out, throw on a wooly hat, and barely give it a second thought…   

But spring is on its way and that means it’s time for a new grooming routine.

This season we’re spotlighting Biotin, a vital nutrient that acts as a secret weapon against thinning hair. Ideal for those of us over 40, Biotin is ready to infuse our hair with life, strength, and vitality. 

So, as we embrace the vibrancy of spring, let’s give our hair the attention it deserves with Particle’s Biotin-enriched products.

What is Biotin?


Biotin is like the secret ingredient in your favorite dish. You might not see it, but you definitely notice when it’s missing. 

It’s a type of vitamin (specifically, Vitamin B7) that our body needs to help turn the food we eat into energy. 

But here’s where it gets exciting for your hair: Biotin is also crucial for making your hair strong, thick, and glossy. Think of it as a personal trainer for your hair follicles.

Now, you might wonder, “Do I really need more of this Biotin stuff?” 

Well, yes!

As we get older, and especially after hitting the big 4-0, our hair can start to thin out, lose its luster, or just not feel as thick as it used to.

Biotin steps in to pump up your hair’s volume and shine, making it look and feel healthier and thicker.

In short, Biotin is your hair’s best friend. It supports growth, helps fight hair loss, and gives you that head of hair that makes you say, “Yeah, I still got it!” 

So, when we talk about giving your hair a serious power-up with Particle’s Biotin-enriched hair care, we’re talking about giving it the VIP treatment it deserves. 

Here are some of our most popular Biotin-enriched hair care products you should definitely check out.

Particle Hair Strengthening Shampoo


Particle’s Hair Strengthening Shampoo delivers a lot more than any of your typical over-the-counter shampoos, thanks to its unique blend of hair-boosting ingredients. 

The dynamic combo of Capixyl, Ginseng, Biotin, and Green Tea Extract teams up to offer scientifically-proven nourishment for your hair. Here’s how they work together:

Biotin: Known as the hair growth champion, Biotin boosts keratin production, enhancing hair’s elasticity, reducing breakage, and promoting thicker, more vibrant growth.

Capixyl: A cutting-edge peptide that zeroes in on the hair follicle, reducing hair loss and encouraging the growth of fuller hair by strengthening the roots.

Ginseng: A natural stimulant, Ginseng enhances scalp circulation, feeding the hair follicles to support new hair growth and strengthen existing strands.

Green Tea Extract: Rich in antioxidants, it tackles DHT, a known cause of hair loss, while soothing the scalp and encouraging healthy hair regrowth.

This powerhouse team not only tackles hair loss and thinning, but also ensures your scalp’s health, contributing to denser, stronger, and more resilient hair. 

Integrating Particle Shampoo into your routine promises a noticeable boost in hair quality and scalp vitality, setting a new standard for your hair care regimen.

Particle Hair Revival Kit


Next up is the Particle Hair Revival Kit, designed to breathe life back into thinning hair. 

The Particle Hair Revival Kit includes two key components: a Hair and Scalp Cream enriched with Capixyl and Biotin, and a Scalp Massager to invigorate your scalp.

Together, they create an environment where hair can thrive, turning the tide against hair thinning and loss. 

Capixyl works to reduce hair thinning by nourishing and fortifying the hair, while Biotin boosts hair health and stimulates keratin production, laying down the foundation for a fuller head of hair.

The kit is packed with ingredients like Melitane, which protects hair from UV damage and enhances pigmentation, Niacinamide to improve follicle health and reduce scalp irritation, and a blend of Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Hemp Oil, and Allantoin. 

These ingredients work together to support hair growth while enriching your hair with the vitamins and minerals it needs to be stronger and hold onto moisture better.

Using the kit is as simple as washing, applying, and massaging, making it an easy addition to your daily routine.

Hair Vitamin Gummies


Last up we have the Particle Hair Vitamin Gummies.

Harness the power of Biotin and Zinc to create a targeted solution for men experiencing hair thinning or those simply aiming for healthier, thicker hair growth. 

These ingredients work together to fight hair loss while nurturing the scalp and hair follicles from within. Biotin, as we know by now, stimulates keratin production, which improves hair health. Zinc strengthens hair fibers, accelerating recovery and resilience in hair follicles.

The Hair Vitamin Gummies are also packed with a host of other vitamins like B, C, and E, promoting healthy hair growth and preventing premature hair loss. 

These gummies are a convenient and delicious way to supplement your hair care routine, designed to fit seamlessly into daily life, helping support your hair health from the inside out.  

Boosting Your Hair Growth With Particle


Spring means new life, so why not give your hair a new lease on life too? 

Particle has everything you need to help restore and improve your hair, so you can feel confident in the spring sunshine. 

First, there’s this Shampoo that’s not just any shampoo. It’s packed with good stuff like Capixyl and Ginseng to make your hair feel alive again. 

Then, for those who want to go the extra mile, we’ve got our Hair Revival Kit to power up your hair and encourage new growth. 

And don’t forget about the Hair Vitamin Gummies – they’re tasty and give your hair a boost from the inside out. 

Particle also offers a Hair Growth Bundle with all three products included, for your convenience and a discounted price.

Unlock the power of Biotin with Particle and give your hair all it needs to grow and thrive.

You won’t believe the results.