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Removal of Body and Back Hair for Men

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Brian Melville

Hair removal isn’t just for girls anymore. Men are becoming more interested in skin care and looking their best, including having smooth body skin.

Some men want all their body hair removed. Others want it thinned out, especially on the back and chest. There’s nothing wrong with having some body or back hair, unless you would rather not.

Some men are embarrassed by back hair and are searching for the best way to get rid of it. If you’re among them, we can help!

Here’s a look at some options for removing back hair.

Shaving Your Back

Did you know there are razors designed for back hair removal? These specially designed razors make it easy to remove the hair without twisting yourself in knots.

The blades are an inch and a half wide with long, hinged handles. This design makes it easy to shave your shoulders and back. Use it just as you would a back scrub during a shower.

You can follow the same routine as any other shave. Exfoliate your skin before you shave. Use a quality shaving cream, and apply aftershave lotion or balm after you shave to help soothe any irritation. 

If you’re shaving in the shower, you may want to dispose of the hair rather than letting it run and possibly clog up the drain. The result is smooth, soft skin.

The downside is that shaved hair will regrow quickly, and you’ll have to do the process again and again.

Waxing Your Back

Waxing removes hair from the root, leaving the skin soft and smooth. You can quickly remove large areas of hair, and the result can last several weeks.

With shaving, you can expect to see hair growth within 12 to 24 hours. The truth is, some men are just harrier than others and require more frequent waxings.

If you want your back hair waxed, you may need to go to a woman’s salon. Don’t be intimidated. In fact, waxing is one of the most common salon services for men.

Modern men visit salons for a variety of reasons. Many salons employ a specialized waxing therapist who can provide a professional men’s waxing experience.

Salon hair waxing has evolved from sticky, gooey wax to a soy-based product. It goes on like a lotion and sticks to the hair, not the skin.

Once the soy-based wax is dry, the cloth is pulled off, and all that is left is smooth, clean skin.

Laser Hair Removal

If you’re hoping for smooth, soft skin without any back hair in sight, laser hair removal may be a good option. Laser and pulsed light destroy hair at the root for permanent removal.

Treatments should be performed by a specialist and are more expensive than other forms of hair removal. Sessions can run $400 to $500 per treatment, and you may need more than one session. 

Laser hair removal can be painful and can result in redness, swelling, or blistering of the skin. The side effects are usually temporary, and, for many, the lasting results are well worth it.

After laser treatment, you should avoid sun exposure until your skin heals. Once you’ve completed laser removal treatments, you may need annual or biannual touch-ups to maintain results.


This type of hair removal involves using a slim needle to penetrate the hair shaft. The needle delivers small electrical shocks to the hair follicle. This kills the cells that make hair.

Treatments generally last 10 to 20 minutes. For complete hair removal, it may take a year of weekly treatments to complete the process. Hairs are treated one at a time. So the more hair you have to remove, the longer the process will take.

Electrolysis works well for any hair on the body. It’s a good idea to begin with a small area such as brow or neck hair before tackling thick back hair.

Electrolysis costs vary, but treatments average about $40 per session. 

Depilatory Creams

You can use depilatory cream on men’s back hair. Spread a thin coat of cream over the hair and wait about five minutes. Wipe away the hair. You may need more than one application.

Avoid depilatory cream if you have sensitive skin. The chemicals in these creams are strong and can result in allergic reactions. You should test a small area of the skin before use to check for sensitivity.

If you have a reaction, this is not the best hair removal process for you.

Hair begins to grow 2-5 days following application. That’s a little longer than with shaving.

Over time, the use of depilatory creams can slow hair growth. 

Do Nothing

If back hair doesn’t bother you, you may not want to do anything about it. Some men feel more manly with body hair, while others prefer a clean and smooth look.

It’s up to you and your personal preference. Many men like the freedom of just letting it grow naturally. If you like your body hair, then wear it proudly.

Options for Men With Back Hair

Today’s modern man doesn’t think twice about going the extra mile to feel and look his best. If back hair is bothering your self-esteem, and you simply want to get rid of it, there are a variety of techniques available.

Feeling good about yourself is important for everyone, regardless of age. If back hair is getting in your way, you have options. 

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