7 Reasons Guys Are Jumping on This New
Deep Facial Cleanser

Mark Sander

Particle has developed a novel face-cleansing formula for men made of a rich blend of minerals and clays.

Particle has developed a novel face cleansing formula made of a rich cocktail of minerals and clays.


It Packs Multiple Actions in One Product

  1.  Fights acne
  2.  Clears blackheads
  3.  Reduces pore visibility
  4.  Removes blemishes
  5.  Draws out skin dirt
  6.  Firms up the skin

It's Engineered For Men

Were men. Our skin is thicker. More rugged. It ages differently. We need a different kind of care than women. Particle’s Deep-Cleansing Face Mask gives you that care.


It Includes The Best Ingredients on The Planet

Particle’s Face Mask consists of a scientifically backed blend of ingredients, including active Dead Sea minerals, to draw out toxins and dirt from deep under the skin.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You Get A 30 Day Guarantee

If your face doesn’t look and feel better after 30 days, you get your money back. No questions asked.


You'll Notice The Difference Immediately

Seriously. Within days you’ll know this isn’t like regular skincare.

Particle Face Mask

Exuberant Customers Are giving it a 5.0 Rating!

“From the first time using it I felt an immediate improvement” -Ryan, 27 WA


“After using the face mask three times my acne started to subside” -Craig, 34 CA


“People have already told me that my skin looks much better” -Gavin, 25 MI


You'll Simply Look Better

In real life and in photos. Let’s face it, we all want to look better. Here’s your chance to give your skin what it needs.

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